Upgrade Options

My system currently is CDS3/XPSDR/252/SCDR/300DR with PMC Fact 12. Powerlines throughout on Full Fraim.
I have the chance of ONE of the following:
a) 552DR in place of 252/SCDR or

b) 555DR in place of XPSDR.

Music taste is varied but mainly light rock, 70;s and 80’s.

Not going to do streaming and would welcome views from you guys. Thanks

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I would vote for 552DR

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552 , no hesitation

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552 without a doubt. The improvement from XPS to 555 on a CDS3 is decent, whereas the improvement from 252 to 552 is absolutely massive. I’ve made both improvements in a past life so speak from experience rather than conjecture.


Thanks that was my thought especially as the opportunity to buy a one owner well cared for 552 dont come up very often.

552 dr…its a big step up.

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Many thanks to Andy from Signals in Suffolk for delivering and setting up the 552DR for me today. All I can say is WOW! When it warms up fully it is going to sound sublime! It sounds lovely now. I also listened to a 555DR on my CDS3 and I am probably in a small minority here that prefers the more subtle XPSDR.
Thanks to Gazza, HungryHalibut,Varyat and Beachcomer for your replies and helpful advice.

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