Upgrade path for NAIT XS 2

A matching setup is key - I agree with that. But the OP has an XS 2 and is considering upgrades. A Nait 2 can’t possible be considered an upgrade and might be a bit lost in a room 3.5m x 4m.

Back to the question at hand: In terms of upgrades for the XS2; I have a Flatcap on my XS 2 and a non-dr Hicap on my CD5. The Hicap is really something special (way ahead of the flatcap). Used Hicaps tend to hold onto their value so there would be little harm in trying one and passing it on if it didn’t work for ypou.

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Seconded. 282 + 200 is a lovely thing.

I’d be very interested if the OP decides to plunge for a HiCap DR for their XS 2. I would like to do this myself. Best get in there quick before the price hike.

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I’m thinking of growing … I’m thinking of selling the nait 5 and taking an XS3 or Supernait 3 for me. Even if the 5si being fond of it I would keep it for some daughter and her family …

I have a XS2.

for context, my source is an Intel NUC running Roon into a SotM SMS 200 Ultra NEO (via a Cisco network switch) then into a Chord Qutest DAC. I have Spendor A5 speakers.

Nick, I made an edit to your post above. Please respect forum rules - discussion of unauthorised modifications (which includes use on non-Naim power supplies on Naim kit) is not allowed. Thanks.

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