Upgrade path for NAIT XS 2


New to the forum however been running Naim on and off for around 20 years.

Current setup:-



Focal Aria 926

Chord Shawline X speaker cable

Room size 3.5m x 4m with not much else in it

Really pleased however considering power supply upgrade (FlatCap XS) or SN2 second hand dealer purchase and trade the XS 2.

Forums full of multiple views on this.

Would welcome thoughts.

Thanks Doug

SN2 works really well with Focal 926, well worth exploring

And then you’ll want a new source - like me… I sometimes wish I’d kept the Nait XS (and FCXS) and CD5XS .


Put up a pic of your room

Maybe you might be better off with some room treatment

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Views vary… Some say the Xs2 doesnt benefit from a PSU… Its great on its own. A flat cap is deffo not worth it. If you have those funds… Then go up to s SN.

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I tried the Flatcap - I mean dealer demo - with my XS2. Small improvement noted. Concluded it wasn’t really worth the expenditure.

My dealer then added a pre-loved HiCap2, for comparison. (Cost was a little less than a new FC). Which, to my ears, sounded like a significant improvement. For example - in detail, bass control and image. Needless to say it’s in my system now.

So, that another idea worth considering?

I went XS2 to SN2 , superb upgrade, and now with the SN3 there are Ex Dem SN2 to be had at good prices.

I added a Hicap DR to the XS2 which I thought was worthwhile, and continue to use it with the SN2.

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A Hicap is a gateway drug to separates as it will allow you to use a better preamp as your next move, trouble is this will lead to a power amp and then the source will need upgrading, meanwhile the box count is steadily growing. All great fun if you up for it but be warned it gets addictive. Personally I’d go this route rather than a supernait.


I had the XS 2 and loved it and many folks on the forum prefer it over the SN 2. With that said I did upgrade to the SN 2 and thought it was a very nice uplift. I also ran a ND5 XS that did get upgraded to a NDX and eventionally a NDX 2.

If you can get a home demo of the SN 2 I would recommend it so your ears can guide you on the decision in your own living room. If not you may want to give a HiCap trial on your XS 2 and think you would find it a nice uplift on your XS 2 over the flatcar.

Good luck with your decisions!


I know you are asking about the XS2. In the manual for the Nait XS, a connection guide featured showing the integrated connected to a HC and a NAP200…

I hope it turns out whatever path you take.


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I had a SN2 and ended up going back to the XS2. XS2 has a very unique energy to the presentation. SN2 was less involving to my ears. Out of curiosity, I tried the XS2 with a flatcap and it didn’t do anything I could really hear, perhaps it cut some background noise. I stumbled upon a great deal on a HiCap (non-DR) and it does bring improvements in both clarity and weight, but I don’t think it’s required. Consider moving up the Focal line? The Electra is a great speaker.

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Not sure how much the XS amp will be worth, but I’d definately look at seperates, a serviced olive or CB set will murder the little XS.
Otherwise just get a Nait 2 for the time beeing, other speakers too of course.

Deja vu. It was my case…

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A bit over the top. The Nait XS is definitely an excellent amplifier - you’d need very good separates to do better. As for the Nait 2 - I’m not sure you’re being serious: it’s a lovely amplifier, but modern speakers can be very demanding.

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Of course I’m serious ?
Why shouldn’t I ?

IME a Nait 2 is a much better amp (on the right speakers/setup)

I have both an olive Nait 2 and an XS 2 and wonderful as the 2 is, it can’t do what the XS 2 does. Not even close. That’s too much forum koolaid.


I agree - the first gen networking stuff was a nightmare…

Save for a 282/200. Or get a Hicap. So you can do a 282/Hicap/200 at some point…

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@Doug22 So which way do you think you are you going to leap?

Having owned most Naits, included XS, SN, Nait 2 etc…
Apart from the power I prefer the originals, of course they need to be in a matching setup
Each to their own