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I currently have a 102,hicap and 250, which serves my Michell gyro se into a pair of Wilson Benesch Arcs and has done since they were bought in 1999. With retirement looming and a possible upgrade on the horizon, what would be the way forward with m6 amplification. I am considering an 82 or even a new 282, what are peoples thoughts please.

I think you’re on the right path…82, 282, or even 52 if you can find one.

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If the 250 is Olive too then I would trade in the 102/HC for an 82/SC my favourite Naim amp.

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Yes the 250 is olive

I would go for an 82 and get it serviced. Will work out better value than a 282. Alternatively go for the 52 which would be lovely. If you go for older Olive pres than get them serviced if they haven’t been done in last 10 years or so.

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So, would there be a big difference between 52 and 82, and would my system do justice to a 52 or is it too good for what I have, thanks in advance.

I think a 52 into your 250 would be a great amp if you can find one, and a step up from the 82 which would be its natural partner in the Naim hierarchy.

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A 52 would sound great with the 250. The 250 is well matched with both the 52 and 82. The 82 is a fair bit cheaper. The 52 is a classic and was Naim’s top of the range pre back in the day. Expect wider soundstage, greater detail than the 82. Some prefer the 82 saying it is more dynamic.

You are not easily going to be able to demo these pre amps. So if you have the money I would go for the 52. The 82 is great value and I am very happy with mine.

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Does that still apply with 282 and 252? Thanks Gary

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