Upgrade path keeping SN2 and CD player

The time has come for me to consider the way forward - ripping my CD collection (500+) so I can access tracks with ease. I am more than happy with my current system SQ and mostly enjoy putting a cd on.
I’ve looked at the possibilities but it’s not obvious to me what’s the best way to go. Maybe the atom and a DAC or something from the past. Naturally playback has to at least match what I’ve got. I’m also considering putting speakers in a second room with a device (for want of a better word) to receive and playback. Playing a cd is a nice simple process and I would hope playing wav. Files is just as enjoyable? That’s why I want to keep the supernait and CD player.

If you can tell us what your current system is, we’d find it easier to suggest what would be able to match it!


First of all, Welcome to the Forum Bex!

With the information you provided I would say first get a NAS and rip all your CD’s to it. Then purchase a NDX 2 streamer with a XPS DR Power Supply. (also recommend a HiCap DR for the SN2) This will give you the immediate capability to play your CD’s from the CD player or from the NAS via the streamer. You will also have access to Internet Radio. You can also trial and subscribe from multiple streaming services, Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music and others to give you to unlimited artists and music from around the world.

My system configuration until very recently was: C2960C-8PC-L Cisco Catalyst Switch 8 FE PoE > NAS > XPS DR > English Electric 8Switch > NDX 2 > Hi-Line > HiCap DR > SuperNait 2 > NAC A5 > ProAc D30RS. (Also have a pair of Grado Statement Series GS1000e Headphones).

So my recommendation comes from my own experience. If you provide more information or what else you have, i.e., network gear, speakers, speaker cables, interconnects, ect. others may have other comment or contributions to make to the thread.

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+1 on @seakayaker opinion

The obvious question is why, if you still want to keep your CD player and to play your CDs, you want to rip them. Surely the streamer would just be money down the pan?

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…having a streamer is like having a library card. I can choose to stay home with my few hundred books or I can have access to an unlimited amount of material across time. …not money down the drain, unlocking the door to a treasure trove of musical exploration!

…unlocking the door to unknown journeys and adventures.



What CDP do you have?


To save space and time. I don’t have the space to easily access my collection and thought it would be great to select tracks I haven’t heard in a long time with minimal effort!

Many thanks for your help I will investigate getting a NAS.

I would simply trade in the CD5 for a ND5XS with NAS. I would do similar but for the fact that my CDS3 sounds so wonderful.



I did exactly what @seakayaker did and would recommend that route for the SN2. Happy days ahead.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.
The NAS needs hardwire to the internet hub.
The NDX2 needs hardwire to the NAS and the SN2.

Thanks again

You connect the NDX2 to your network, ideally with a wire but wireless is ok too. You connect the nas to the network. There is no direct connection between the NDX2 and the nas.

Bev in my case my set up is as follows:

Monthy service to house for Hi Speed Internet Service and they Installed a ‘Router.’

Connections as follows:
Router connect to a C2960C-8PC-L Cisco Catalyst 8 port Switch

From the Cisco switch I have:
(1) Cat 5e cable connected to a MAC Desktop Computer
(2) Cat 5e cable connected to a Synology 8TB DS716+II 2-Bay NAS
(3) Cat 5e cable connected to a English Electric 8Switch

From the English Electric 8Switch
(1) Chord C Stream cable connect to the NDX 2
From the NDX 2: I use a Naim Hi Line interconnect to my Pre Amp. (this was to my SN 2 but now to my 282 Pre Amp)

I hope that explains all the connections. Let me know if you have any questions.

Good luck with your decisions, there is a lot of help here on the forum. I know I asked and continue to seek advise here when I need it.

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Hi there,

More or less yes. You connect the NAS via a network cable to the router. The NDX2 needs a din connection to the amp. The NDX2 then needs to connect to your network, either via a network cable or via Wi-fi. Your choice. The addition of extra switches between these may benefit from a sound quality point of view (plenty of discussion on this forum) but is not necessary for functionality.

That’s exactly what I was thinking a year ago when I swapped a CD5si for a ND5 XS2. I held on to the CDP just in case but one year on it is still in its box and I have never felt the need to plug it back in. The ND5 XS2 sounds at least as good as the CD5si when playing CD rips from my NAS, and depending on the source can sound a LOT better than the CD5si if playing a good 24 bit file. I now have about 900-odd albums on my NAS and can find any one in seconds with the Naim app. I’ve also put bubbleupnp server on my NAS so that I can use the Linn Kazoo app on my laptop to control the streamer. My amp is a Nait XS2 so if you’re looking at a NDX2 paired with a SN2 it should leave your CDP for dust.

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Many thanks to all. That’s a great help. I hadn’t seriously considered a streamer and was just looking at getting a DAC. Much of my CD material is obscure stuff that’s not available on line and being old fashioned prefer a cd in the hand to paying monthly (like rent) for something that stops when payment stops. Of course I may have that wrong and it is the future so I will embrace and look forward to quite literally enjoying a whole world of music at (vitality important) a high level of sound quality.

Just to clarify my last post. I understand that a streamer would give me the best of both worlds. Playing back ripped cds from my hard drive and also streaming music from the likes of Spotify and I think also radio. I have Spotify on my all in one unit in another room but don’t pay so have to suffer the adverts which of course spoils the whole experience.

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