Upgrade Path Naim NAC 202 NAP 200

What should I upgrade first? I have a Naim NAP 200 and NAC 202 with a NAPSC. Should I upgrade the Pre Amplifier to a Naim NAP 282 or should I upgrade the Power Amplifier to a Naim NAP 200 DR first?

What’s your source?

You’ll need a separate power supply to upgrade the power amp but assuming the 200 is fine with your speakers and the source is good enough ror it a 282 would be the next step, however, if the source is the weakest link tackle that first. I went for a 282 with a CD5x with a Flatcap 2x and that was OK to be going on with but my turntable sounded a bit grey until I changed the phonostage and the arm.


If you don’t have a hicap yet, it should be your first priority assuming your source is good.


The 200DR is really a preamp upgrade, as the DR spec only applies to its preamp PSU. Still not as good as a HicapDR, but if you don’t want the extra box, it’s worth doing.
Also think ahead to where you want to end up. If you expect to go for a 250, you’ll need the Hicap to power the preamp, but I’d get a 282 first.


without knowing what is the source, difficult to advise. But anyway.

You should upgrade the preamp to a NAC 282 first. The 282 is much, much better than the already excellent 202.

the 282/200 is in my experience the best VFM amplifier in the Naim range.

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I went like this:

202 + Flatcap + 200
202 + NAPSC + Flatcap + 200
202 + NAPSC + HiCap + 200
282 + NAPSC + HiCap + 200

My advice is:
HiCap DR for the 202 (makes a big difference and pretty much essential for the 282)
282 - a big step up and will make the 200 very happy

Remember that the 200DR is only for the pre-amp power supply, not the music output, so with a 282 and HiCap, the non DR 200 is basically the same.

The 200 has been a fantastic power amp for me and has kept on giving throughout my other upgrades. I had it serviced too which also gave it a new lease of life.


Thanks for your responses, much appreciated. I have a qutest DAC for my source which is fed from a RPi streamer. Am I right in thinking you can power the 282 directly from the NAP 200? Could I do this before I buy a HiCap or is the HiCap essential for the 282?

The 282 really deserves a HiCap although it can be powered from the 200. The thing is, you wouldn’t be hearing it anywhere near its optimum.

Getting the HiCap first however, will turbo charge your 202 and you will enjoy this upgrade for sure.

If you then swap the 202 for a 282 your HiCap will be ready and waiting.

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A 200 will power a 282 (which also requires a NAPSC, it’s not optional like it is for a 202) and a 200DR really does quite a good job of it. Not as good as a HicapDR, but 282/200DR is still a great amp.

as others have suggested HCDR for the 202 first and then look at 282 would be my advice 282/200 will be a noticable up lift in music over the 202


I went HC first but if I was there again I’d go 282/200. 282 just does so much more of everything.



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Yes but with a HiCap, right?

Well if funds only permitted one or the other I’d get the 282 and power it from the 200. But both would be ideal.

So I could upgrade the 202 with a HiCap and then get a 282 or I could go straight for a 282 and then get a HiCap. Decisions…

In fact I would go straight for a 282 powered by the 200. I would then wait and save hard for a Supercap which really turbo-charges the 282.

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I went for a pre loved Hicap DR as one was available first to upgrade the 202, which in my view was good value for money. I then decided to go for an ex dem 282 a few months later which provided a significant improvement in every department. The NAP200DR is not outclassed in this set up!

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What was wrong with your 282?

Sounds like you had some bad luck. What did you do?

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