Upgrade path to SN2/NDX2 - POLL

I’m mapping out an upgrade path and there might be an opportunity to trade in some current gear to help make it happen.

Current set up is (I’ve omitted Blu Ray and Apple TVs for simplicity):

Lounge: Nova and Totem Forest Signatures.
Media Room: Uniti2 and Totem Hawks. Core (wired Cat 6 to Nova). A60 amp, used as headphone amp. Original RP3.
Games Room: UQ2/NAP100 and AR 22BX speakers, Arcam Alpha7SE CD player.

Desired end set up is:
Lounge: SN2/NDX2 and Totem Forest Signatures.
Media Room: Nova and Totem Hawks, RP3.
Games Room: Either Uniti2, UQ2/NP100 or UQ2 with AR 22BX speakers, Arcam Alpha7SE CD player.

I’m currently ruling out separate pre and power amps on main system due to $$, box count and need for additional headphone stage, as I use HD800 for headphone listening a lot.

I’ve narrowed down a two stage upgrade with trade ins to two options, which would you favour:

  • Get the SN2 first and run it with the Hawks in the media room, using the UQ2 or Uniti2 as a digital source.
  • Get NDX2 first and run it through the Uniti2 with the Hawks in the media room.

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I would probably go for the SN2 first, but as your end goal is the same either way, I don’t think it matters that much. I suspect the real bottleneck will be the Uniti preamp, thus my suggestion, but if you get a good trade-in, ex-demo or used deal on either box, just do it.


I agree with the above post. For what it’s worth I did run a NDX through a U2 for a little while. Was planning on adding SN2 but ended up selling NDX and bought XS2/ND5XS which turned into my current 272 setup. I also had a UQ as source into SN1 which worked but I ended up selling the SN1 and am now just using he Qute. SN1 was overkill for the room. Not sure the Y2 has a digital out so u don’t think you can you itxas a source into SN2.

I take it you meant analogue out? The Uniti 2 has a line out which would be ideal with the SN2, but the Qute doesn’t.

Not sure what I meant after reading the post again. Lol. I thought U2 could not be used as source only but Qute and SuperUniti could. Highly possible I am wrong about that.

They have pre out, which is post volume control, so not really what you want. Only U2 has line out.

So, I’m getting the SN2 and NDX2 now, trading in the old faithful UQ2/NAP100.


Looking forward to your objective reviews versus the Nova

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Good choice, I think you’ll be very happy with that.

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Looking at your systems I was interested in your choice of speakers. What is it about the Totem Forest Signatures and Totem Hawks that attracted you?

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When I first started on Naim, I tried just a few speakers and found the Totem has a very natural sound. Not sure how one would describe that, it just comes across as presenting the music in an unassuming way, not analytical, but just “there”. They seem to have a very wide sound stage, which just brings you into the music. I’d also describe the tweeter as “sparkly”, in that it just pops out, but in an unassuming manner. Overall, not analytical, just musical. I’m really pleased I have them, as they are very much the end system for speakers.

I think you will love the NDX2/SN2 combo, heard them at Audio show east with Focal Kanta 3? Most enjoyeable room, more so than the nd555/552/500 and Dynaudio.

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