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Hi everyone, i have a uniti atom and am now thinking about upgrades, 2 options i am considering:

Option 1
Trade the uniti atom for a uniti nova, for future upgrades is it possible to connect a npx tt power supply and a phono stage nvc tt? total cost is circa £8k ovet a 2 steps steps and would need some cable trickery if at all possible?

Option 2
Keep the uniti atom and add nap250 and then swap the atom for nsc222 and npx300 power total cost would be circa £17k over 3 stages again not sure if its possible to connect new classic range to uniti range.

I would go for Option 2 and then you could run the NVC TT from the 222 and when funds allow get the NPX TT for a final upgrade if you feel you need it. I currently have a 222/300/250 with the NVC and NPXTT.

Naim or your dealer would be able to supply a cable to connect your Atom to a NC250 until you can afford the 222, it will though be a bit of a mullet system but worth it in the end I think. I used my Star with a 250DR until the NC range came out, about 3 years and it was more than good enough.

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You can connect the Atom to the NC250. I have the Atom HE with NC250 and it sounds ridiculously good. If a phono stage is needed, then I guess it would be the NSC222 +/- NVC.

Option 3 could be your Atom to Nait 50 and … nothing further if you only need MM? One stage at £2.7k. Or add NVC and NPX TT for MC. And if you really feel like it, some time later you can upgrade the Atom to the NSS333:)

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  1. I’d await the upcoming news from Naim this year.
    It could be anything Nova or 100 range, even something we haven’t yet to guess :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

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