Upgrade sequence

Currently have a Unitilite, Core and PMC Twenty5 21 speakers and would like to upgrade to a 272/250DR. I can’t afford to do this in one step so logic would dictate getting the 250DR first. However, I have the chance to buy a 272 at a good price. Could this be played into the amp in the Unitilite whilst I save for the 250DR?

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Yes, the 272 has a pair of line out phono sockets that could be connected to the UnitiLite.

Thanks HH.

So if the line out phono sockets are used rather than the pre out would the volume control be from the 272 rather than the Lite?

Volume control would be from the Uniti. You only use the preamp outs when you have a separate power amp. Line outs are pre volume control, whereas preamp outs are post.

Gotcha. Thanks again.

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