Upgrade SN2 to SN3 , did it influence on the speakers?

A question for the one who upgrade there SN2 to SN3
Did you found that the speaker sounds diffrent, I mean to the worse, as you know there must to be a harmony between the speakers and the amp…

No empirical data in this area, but I doubt it would be the case …

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That’s a very odd question, could please explain more ?

It will usually sound better, but and it’s a big but -Naim can take a while to bed in - do you have a new amp that isn’t living up to expectations or do you have an ex demo?


I moved from a SN2 to a SN3 using the same speakers, in my case PMC OB1i. The 3 isn’t just a “better” version of the 2, they are different although both have the characteristics of an integrated and a NAIT presentation. I like both, I find the bare SN3 similar in presentation to a SN2 + HiCap DR but overall I find the SN3 has better grip and control and less congestion in the upper mids.
Your source makes a big difference, more so than speakers but any speaker that’s worked well with a SN2 should do the same driven by a SN3.


Someone found that the SN3 drove less easily his speakers vs the SN2. But I don’t remember who.

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I’m guessing, since you left out some information. Is the SN3 new, and the SN2 older?
I think you are hearing that the SN3 isn’t broken in yet. Did you recently install the SN3
and remove the SN2? Then you need to let everything settle in and put 100 hours on the system.

The reason I ask this is because I heard on the past in my house SN2 with my old but beloved kef q75 and it was a very good match, I got the SN2 for several days, Now I thinking to buy the Sn3 and I curious if moving up to Sn3 will change the sound that I experienced with the SN2.
As you Know sometimes brands can change the character of their amps when they changing the model…

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