Upgrade SN3/RP6/N130

Dear All,
I’m not English so please apologize my simple wording.
Right now I have the following system running.

SN3/RP6/Bluesound Node N130/Elac 213-4ohm

Imma quite happy with it but already thinking of another upgrade and would invest some budget therefore.

What would your recommendations be?

Are my speakers proper speakers - I love them and would do hard to change but still want to know.

I am more into electronic and Rock/Pop music.

Thank you guys and have a nice day


Your English is fine :+1:. Lots of options here, which is your main source, records or streaming - you might be able to improve either of those before thinking about amps or speakers.

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Thanks Mike,
well I have just started to buy/collect and listen to records since one year again and I really like it but to be honest I will probably still listen more to streaming (radio/apple) - it’s just too convenient. :wink:

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In that case, I’d be looking at a Naim streamer, either the ND5 XS2 or NDX2. I ran my NDX2 on a SN2, and that performed very nicely.


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