Upgrade speakers or what?

Good morning folks. My setup is Unitiserve into ND5 SX also streaming spotify. Occasional CD3, NAC92/NAP90 with Flatcap. Intro 2 speakers. When I first bought the CD/amp/speaker set (about 15 years ago), I was enthralled by the clarity and tonal separation having come from a jumbled set of off shelf hifi. The other items were added a few years ago. Recently I have felt there is something missing, a gradual loss of upper frequency and that clarity. This applies to the server feed as well as streaming spotify so it is not a low resolution stream problem. Perhaps it is just age and I have to accept it? I am aware in these hallowed circles that the 90/92/Intro set up is ‘bottom end’ and I would dearly love to move up to a 200 series amp but that is probably beyond me and would certainly mean speakers too. Are my speakers ‘tired’? My excellent local dealer has unfortunately closed so easy testing no longer possible. Where would you start?
Advice gratefully received.

Welcome to the Forum Rob. I’d start by turning everything off. Then unplug and replug every single connection ten times. Mains leads at both ends. Signal leads. Speaker cables. This will usually bring a tired system back to life, and is something ideally done a couple of times a year. Let us know if it makes a difference.

Hi, there are many ways you could go here, but at 15 years old, there is no getting away from the fact that your amp is probably going to be in need of a recap/service. Certainly the Flatcap and power amp will benefit from this, if not the preamp too. Many people decide to cut their losses at this point, and trade the amps in for something better. If a 202/200 is more than you want to spend, you could do worse than to consider something like a 152/155, these can be picked up at decent prices as they were recently discontinued by Naim.

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