Upgrade time? NAIT3+NAP90

been very happy with my NAIT3 (as a pre) +NAP90, imperfect but lots of fun, bought on “mates rates” from a friend who went NAIM Uniti, but the itch comes around, in my limited budget a second hand NAIT XS appeals, one box, (my current two box set up can’t be ideally sited), phono stage built in as now, has anyone made this sort of move, from the old style multi to the new(er) generation, is this worth the £500 punt, (my guess on sale/resale), or should I stay as is, I’m not unhappy with what I have now, just wouldn’t mind a jump in quality!

I wouldn’t assume that the Nait XS will be better. What’s the rest of the system?

PinkT+origin live RB250+Nagaoka MP110 for analogue, Pi+Allo Digione+DACMAGIC into KEF XQ1. And I’m thinking the same, spent a weekend with a mate with Uniti into baby Neat speakers, but it just seemed a bit “hi-fi” lots of detail but not that engaging.

Only the current Nait XS3 has a built in phono stage, and I think you would be very lucky to pick one of those up for £500 plus the sale of your old gear.

I thought this had phono, has a ground screw

But I’m not getting the feeling this is going to be night and day anyway
Thanks…maybe I’ll just replace the tatty SNAIC with something better, a whole other conversation

Is it possible to use a slimline olive flatcap (serviced) with a NAIT 3 and NAP90?

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Nait XS has a powered Aux2 socket, capable of powering a Naim phono stage such as a Stageline or a Superline. These are separate boxes.

Ground screw, yes. Built in phono stage, no. Sorry!

If you love what you have but want to upgrade performance then I like Chris’ idea of a serviced Flatcap. You might also consider a proper NAC92R, or better yet, a NAC102 (a NAPSC would also be a bonus here). With either of these, you can use the phono cards you currently have in your NAIT3.

Thanks, I’d wondered about a Flatcap but my as NAIT is operating ‘only’ as a pre’ does it not effectively already have it’s own PS?

No, the power amp and pre power supply section in the NAIT3 is effectively disconnected when converted to a pre-amp. It is then powered by the pre-supply in the power amp (NAP90). The Flatcap provides a dedicated power supply for the pre-amp and frees up the supply in the power amp.

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Now that I did not know, thanks for the heads up, I assumed as the NAIT was plugged in (it does need to be plugged in doesn’t it :thinking:) it was using its own power.
So on reflection as I started off wanting more of what I have, then a Flatcap seems a logical choice, and based on prior eBay sales, not common but manageable money.
Thanks one and all for your time and advice.

AFAIK, if it has been properly converted to a NAC92 then it doesn’t need to be plugged in as 24V DC power then comes from the power amp via the SNAIC4.

haha, you’re right! The joys of buying second hand eh? :grinning: Thanks again!

Put it on your flatcap!

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