Upgrade time

My current set up is the NAC152xs through the FlatcapXS into a NAP 155xs and a recently serviced NAP 150.
Would changing the 152 for the 202 or look for a NAP200 give the best upgrade to this system at this time?
Or should I look somewhere else?
Looking forward to your reply’s.

Hi, your amp is nicely balanced at the moment, and I would be cautious about making any changes without listening carefully.
What’s your source? If you’re still using the CD5 in your profile I would consider a source upgrade first.

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Exactly as Chris said above!

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The consensus so far is to upgrade the source, ok what should I look at that would be better than the CD5 with the Hicap on?

Tough one, because i think the CD5 is a great machine (had 2 of them) especially with a Flat/Hicap. Thing is your system is overall really balanced and sometimes changes can unbalance things. In general, a better source is the way forward, but depends if you want to stick to CD or not i guess. If you do, maybe a CD5XS or CDS3. I’m less keen on the CDX2 personally.
Incidentally how are you using a 155XS and 150X?


Even though I am a complete dinosaur when it comes to all things digital, I took the plunge and purchased an ndx2 along with tidal/quobuz and just added Roon (I’ll probably drop tidal as tidal/quobuz are too alike). I probably don’t use it as fully intended- I’ve barely made any lists or libraries but I use it like a giant jukebox and use it in one room only. I’d have to say that streaming makes more sense than adding to a relatively large collection of cd’s and my records are staying. Ihave no plan to rip my cd’s - the space is already filled so why ditch them? But I would recommend some sort of streamer nd5xs2 (?) rather than a cd based system.

Your system, as others remark looks well ballanced.
So what is it your current system lacks that prompts upgrading?
I would look at source/pre first and whilst a 202 is a step up, it really needs a HiCap and NAPSC to shine.
My CD5XS took a step up when powered by HiCap, although output b on the FCxs2 is regulated to 22v to power a CD5.

You have a beautifully balanced system. To the extent that I’d ask myself what is the itch that’s being scratched. Have you identified something which doesn’t agree or is it just the upgrade itch?

If you do anything then first I’d make sure you have good shelving and then look at one Powerline on a box of your choice. I wanted mine on the pre for maximum impact across sources but after much testing conceded that it simply sounded better on the power amp. You may have a different experience again but my guess is it’ll be a better choice than a box upgrade. It’s not necessarily the case that more Powerlines will agree with you either.

A box upgrade with your system ought to be source first but there’s not much difference with a CDX2 until you add at least an XPS2 so that’s two boxes. Of you like the CD5 my guess would be that you’d prefer the CDS3, but again two boxes.

Realistically both will unbalance your system. You’ll have a sense that for all the gains something has been lost. My experience is that you’ll not get that back again until you get to 202, 200, HC DR and NAPSC.

I have, I suppose a funny kind if set up. The two power amps power two pairs of B&W DM4’s which are either side of the wall that separates the front room and dining room sending music throughout the whole bungalow. If I want to have music in one room I turn off one amp.
I’m lucky the wife likes music and there is only the two of us plus the dog.

Ah ok, understood.

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