Upgrade time!

I currently have Naim XS media player and Nait 5i. Upgrade time! Under consideration:

I) 200+202 & ND5 XS 2
II) supernait 3 & ND5 xs 2
Iii) 200+202& NDX
Iv) SN3 & NDX.

My mind says (iii) my wallet says (I). The NDX is nearly twice the price as the xs 2. Is it really worth it?

Also I assume a Flat cap would compliment the above?

There has been much discussion and little agreement about this. For me, a happy ND5XS2 owner, the differences were negligible, and certainly did not justify spending twice as much on an NDX2. Others here say the step up is huge and completely worth the fistfuls of dosh. And some insist you must add an expensive power supply before the NDX2 truly comes into its own.

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I’m thinking off a sn3 to go with tabllet 10 from a 5i
But there again it’s just been serviced and it’s getting better and better so I’m wondering what the sn3 could give in upgrade wise
I like integrated amps though it keeps the box count down and things simple

Think about getting an 82, Hicap and 250. Will be much much better in terms of sound quality, and then get an ND5 XS2.

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Without one ounce of any doubt.


Good as it is, safe to say that it will complement none of your options. It’s totally outclassed in the company you are considering imo.

Enjoy your auditions when the time comes.

A lot of your options seem to be rather amplifier heavy. It wouldn’t really be sensible to match an ND5XS2 with a 202/200 for example. Of the options you suggest, I’d be going with the NDX2 and Supernait 3.

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…from your list above would go with number number 2. The SN 3 and ND5 XS 2.

To save your self a bit of cash you may think about going with the NAIT XS 3 and ND5 XS 2. I started with an XS 2 and ND5 XS with a pair of ProAC D2 speakers as my first Naim system and thought it was a great pairing.

Over the past few years I have upgraded to my ‘retirement’ system which I hope will last as long as I do! …NAS > XPS DR > NDX 2 > Hi-Line > HiCap DR > SuperNait 2 > NAC A5 > ProAc D30RS

Good luck with your decision and have fun along the way…

One option that isn’t on your list is: SN2/NDX2. The SN2 is a very good integrated and very close to the SQ of an SN3. I run an NDS thru mine and it’s sublime.
An SN2 is available so cheap on the pre-owned market because it’s been discontinued, and that would give you more $ to spend on the source ie. NDX2.
Just a thought. Enjoy the journey …


+1 for the SN2/NDX2 pairing, which is superb. I went from an XS2 + Flatcap with an ND5 XS and as much as I liked that combination the difference was substantial.


I went SN3 with a pre loved NDS.
I went NDS because I do not use any of the streaming services.

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Glad you asked?

I have the SN3/ NDX2 combination with recently added Hicap and can highly recommend it.

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Lots of good suggestions, the SN3 and NDX seems to be a reoccurring theme…
The dealer has offered me a demo 250/202 as the amp combo for roughly the same price…

The 202/250 is not a good match; the ideal partnership is 282/250. Don’t forget you’d also need a Hicap to make it work, and ideally a Napsc too. If you want to play records you’d also need a phono stage.

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not considered a good match 202 + 250 for many reasons, including:

  1. the pre is undersized compared to the 250, or rather the 250 is oversized, better if anything 282-200 or 282-250;
  2. the 250 necessarily requires a hi-cap (separate power supply) to be used with any Naim pre;
  3. is the 250 a DR or not? how old is it? if it has 8/10, you must also consider in the (eventual) expense the cost for a 250 recap and / or update in DR (with costs that rise) …


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