Upgrade to AQ Diamond Ethernet cable

I currently use two AQ Diamond Ethernet cables in my setup and wonder if / what would be a reasonable recommendation to further improve performance / sound quality.

You need to describe your system, and maybe show a picture of it.

I can see where this could end up.

It will only go off the rails if the digital cable trolls strike.

Ok so …Just kidding

Please detail your entire system. Have you still the Tempus switch?

Yes I have got still the Tempus switch.
The network setup is:
ISP router / modem > Tempus > QNAP NAS and also from Tempus > MUON Pro streaming system > LUMIN streamer

So the AQ Diamonds are between ISP router/modem and Tempus switch and between Tempus and QNAP NAS.

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Audioquest diamond are expensive, I have one on my ndx2. And another on the NAS, they are good cables but please try to listen first, do not jump on the diamond without listening, and if possible try other cables also.

I like very much the sound of the diamond, but my experience with Ethernet cable’s is limited and I did not go that much out of the audioquest brand, have a few vodka’s, a lot of cinnamon here at home, and all of them have good and bad things, the diamond is better than the other audioquest cables but is not perfect.

Taking system, room and personal preference into account the only advice I can give is try before you buy, in the end if for you do not purchase a 2000 euro cable based on a forum recommendation.

My take on the diamond they are good, but there is a world of great cables out there that can be considered also.

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