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Hi all,
First time here and read a lot of posts lately but did not really find what I was looking for so here goes…

I’ve been using a SU for 5 years hooked up to a pair of Aria 926 wired with naca5. So far this setup did exactly what I was expecting and most importantly, to this day, it still makes me tap my feet every time I listen to it. My listening area is about 15’ X 20’ and I sit about 10’ from the speakers.

I just got the bug lately to upgrade or get something new without breaking the bank. So… I’m on the fence about the Nova as to SQ over the SU. Or should I get a 250dr and use my SU as preamp?

Any comment is welcome. Thanks, Jean.

I went from SU to Nova and it was a major improvement in both sound quality and usability - go for it!

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Thanks pev999. I’ll consider that

I found the powerline was a nice edition and it can stay with you if you upgrade the black box later. The superuniti is a fine machine - ran mine with n sats.


SU :point_right: Nova


The 250 is a great amp, but you should really try to listen to it with your SU before deciding.
Also, the best choice for you may depend on the way you use the streamer. The 24 bit Qobuz support and lossless iRadio on the Nova widen the gap between it and the SU.

Thanks everyone for the input, the next step will obviously be to go and have good listening sessions before I rush into this.

As you can run to a 250 to use with the SU once done the SuperUnit could be changed for a use NAC 272 for little outlay as used SU’s are with similar to used 272’s.

You’d then have a super 2 box system.

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