Currently have the following.
Nait3, 3.5cdp, Flatcap, Rega Kytes all connected with naim leads and naca5 to the speakers which sit on 24 inch Atacama stands. Also have a pair of Nsats on there own stands but feel the Kytes are much more open and better suited .
Am thinking of changing either the amp or cdp but dont no the best way forward. Also like the thought of a single box system like the Atom/Nova.
The big problem is getting to hear any new equipment.
Would also like something that would get more out of the Nsats.
Would be grateful for advice.



We run nSats off of the NaitXS with the FlatcapXS and they sound great driven by the CD5X, as well as by computer audio sources like the Halide DAC or the Meridian Explorer. Our nSats are on the factory metal stands on an outside wall and use NACA5.

Try the Atom while you are shopping but I would definitely look at a Nova at our house. I think the nSats need the power to make the bass come alive. The difference between the Nait5i and the NaitXS with the FlatcapXS has been huge for the few watts of power difference. I intend to try the nSats on the 500 someday, but I fear the big room is too big for them.

I use an Atom with N-Sats, and I’m pretty happy with it. I already had the N-Sats sitting in the loft, so I didn’t compare them with other speakers. They do sound a lot better when you crank up the volume, and if this was my main system, I think I’d want something a bit better driving them. The Superuniti I used to own did a better job, so maybe a Nova would be a good option if you have the budget.
Are you thinking of replacing your current system with an all-in-one, or will run two systems?

In my experience, n-Sats really don’t like sitting on stands like those Atacamas - they tend to sound a bit constrained and shut-in. They work best when paired with their dedicated stands or at least an open frame stand. They also are rather more demanding of the electronics, so performance will improve further and further with better electronics long after the Kytes (great though they are) have hit their maximum capabilities.

First thing I would look for is a set of the original n-Stands.

I think the OP is saying he has his N-Sats on N-Stands, but I agree, they can give a lot more with better electronics.

Thanks Chris, my apologies to the OP - just re-read that bit. In which case, they should sound pretty damn good even with just a NAIT3 and the CD3.5/Flatcap. Getting them set up right pays big dividends. Make sure the stands are firmly planted with absolutely no rocking. Make sure that the uprights are perfectly vertical on all axes. and ensure that n-Sats themselves are completely level and “floating” on the three point contacts.

Beyond that, as I say, they repay electronic upgrades well - to the point where they are still giving more even with a CD555, NAC552, NAP500 front end…

It’s difficult to know how to reply if you are going to have a problem hearing new equipment.

Having once owned a Nait 5 (same as your Nait 3 in terms of power output) with my one-time n-Sats, I can confirm that the speakers responded well to more power when I bought my Nait XS.

Firstly, thanks to all for taking the time to reply. Much obliged.

As pointed out and totally understand, but I’m quite some way from the nearest Naim stockist.

After the replies it nice to know that the Nsats will take any upgrades within my budget. Could possibly just about push towards a Nova or a few of the other suggestions.
I have run the Nsats on their dedicated stands but actually found them a bit better on the Atacama stands. I think its because they sit that little bit higher on these which seems to make a difference. I also have them quite far apart ( 10/11ft) and about 15 cm from the back wall, but again it seems to work a little better. I will however try again on their own stands and follow Richards suggestions with a little bit more effort in setting them up.



How far is that? This kit is expensive, and spending some time with a helpful dealer is very worthwhile in my opinion.

My asumption is that the gear is around 20 years old and unserviced. Given the difficulty of getting to a dealer, one idea might be to stick with and improve upon what you already have. You could service the Nait 3 and FC, then buy another olive FC and get that serviced, and stick it on whichever of the CD player or the amp doesn’t have a FC at the moment…
Just an idea. Sort of depends how much you like what you have got. Apologies if you have had it serviced.

Buying s/h Naim kit is a fairly safe way of upgrading.

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