Currently have a 150x and 112x…Best way to go for upgrade

I had a 150x and thought it was a fantastic amp. Upgraded to a 300 and lost some sparkle that didn’t return until I added an XPS DR to my streamer. I guess it comes down to what you want to spend now and your end game.

My first Naim system was CD5/Nait 5. The dealer demoed what a Flatcap did and I bought it too.

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What is thy source?

Flatcap or Hicap will make a big difference.
Go for the hicap and you can keep it for use later if/when you want another upgrade to a Nap 200 or a nac 282. If you are looking to upgrade either the 112 or 150 I would go to the 282 as the first step.

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I’d second that. 282 will get plenty out of the 150. Wish I’d done that a while back rather than go to 202/200.

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Yep, I made that mistake.

Thanks for that…sounds like a plan :+1:

Source and speakers

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