Is worth my buying a hi cap to replace my flat cap?
Only powering a nac92R with phono cards
Going into nap180

Personally I think if you can get to a 102 that would be the initial better move


Iā€™m inclined to agree with Gary that a preamp upgrade would be a good move. I would be tempted to go one step further and look for an 82, which is a great partner for a 180, even if you sell the Flatcap to help fund it.
Then consider adding a Hicap later when your finances have recovered.

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Thanks guys, 82 out of my price range,
102 is affordable, is there any thing from the chrome bumper range that will match,

Yes, a NAC32.5 or NAC42.5 would both work very well, either powered directly from your NAP180, or better still via a CB Hicap.

With equipment of this age, condition is very important, so make sure that each item has been serviced within the last 8-10 years.

If not, Naim Service dept can service them for you, though we prefer to ask Darran at Class A servicing in Sheffield, UK to do it as he is Naim authorised, vastly quicker and about half the price. It could even be worth a day trip to the UK for the servicing, as Darran will do all your Naim items in about half a day, so long as you book an appointment in advance.

Best regards, BF

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Thanks for that,

Get hold of a good 102 have serviced by Class A ensure you get the Napsc to improve performance and then get hold of a CB HiCap again if it needs it a service with Class A and you have a great pre amp set up.

Thanks, just got the CB HIGH CAP,
Boxed and serviced this year (classeA)
looking at getting the 32.5 or 42.5 then into my nap 180