I have a Superuniti with Powerline and Naim Ovator S400’s fed by a Synology NAS DS212J and am looking to upgrade.

Any recommendations?



I can think of lots, but without some idea of your budget, preferred sources etc. it’s hard to know where to start.

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Thanks Chris - yes please move if applicable.



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Tony we have some similarities, I front my system with a Synology 8TB DS716+II 2-Bay NAS and have the Ovator S400’s

NAS > XPS DR > NDX 2 > SuperNait 2 > NAC A5 > NAIM Ovator S-400

So perhaps adding a NDX 2 with a XPS DR along with a SN 3 would be a nice upgrade. I choose to go this route to keep a low box count and sits comfortably on my Quadraspire Q4EVO Bamboo 4 Shelf Rack. Note: I have an empty shelf for a possible upgrade to a HiCap DR for the SN 2. …time & patience, and of course money…

Good luck with your decisions and look forward to hearing about your journey.

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Upgrade to a Nova.

Thanks for this - another other options based on where you would upgrade this system of yours too?

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Tony, other possible options that I could pursue would be:
HiCap DR - $ 2,595.00
HILINE - Reference Signal Interconnect Cable - $ 1,395.00 or
Super Lumina Cable - Interconnect 1.5m - $ 3,295
ULTRA-HBL Deep-Cryo 6 Outlet 120VAC Power Strip - $1,499.00

I did not list Powerlines since I use:
AV Options - TibiaPlus12 Deep-Cryo AC cable (AV Options is a US based company that services Naim Products).

If I were to replace the speakers the three models that I have in mind would be:
Harbeth Super HL5 plus
ProAc Response D30 RS

This is a photo of my current set-up:

I am heading into retirement this year and income will be fixed so if there are any final adjustments they will happen in the near future.

I hope the response is what you were looking for and good luck with your upcoming decisions.


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