Upgrading a XPS to a XPS2 DR

I currently have a XPS powering my CDS3. Is it possible to upgrade the XPS to XPS2 DR level and how much of a difference would it make to the sound from my CDS3? Is it cost effective to do it this way?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and opinions.

Cheers, Steve

Assuming it’s a non-DR XPS2 then yes it’s possible, no it’s not cost effective. If it’s an Olive XPS then I don’t think so.

From my experience you’d be better off selling the XPS and buying a good condition/serviced 555PS instead.

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Some years ago I ran nDAC/XPS into SN1/HC and when DR upgrades were offered, had both PSs done. Both upgrades improved the sound substantially but for me the upgrade on the HC did more than that on the XPS, even though the latter was more expensive. However, IME the effect on SQ of changes to and between power supplies depends not just on the PS themselves but also on the box they’re used with and I don’t have direct experience with CDS3.

Have you compared the cost of DR’ing with selling and buying, perhaps a recent pre-loved XPSDR?


I upgraded to a DR replacement unit (on my CDX2) a few years back. I was taken aback by the immediate improvement straight out of the box. Just more of everything. Very obvious. Same when I went from a NAP 250 to a DR unit.

On the other hand I might hear things a little differently from others as when I compared the original XPS to a PS555 back in 2008 when I purchased the CDX2 I honestly could not hear any real difference - and believe me I wanted to.

As with everything trust your ears over opinion (including mine!)

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