Upgrading B&W floorstanding speakers

I am upgrading my B&W CM10 S2 speakers to a better pair of floorstanders. I am considering these three sets of speakers:

B&W 804 D3
PMC Twenty5 26
Revel Performa F208

I have not been able to audition anything due to Covid, so am just reading reviews for now.

My other kit is:
Naim CDX2 CD player
Innuos Zen Mk3 Streamer/Server
Audioquest Diamond USB cable into:
Chord Dave DAC
Amps: Naim NAC282/Naim NAP250DR
B&W ASW10CM S2 subwoofer

I liked my existing B&W speakers so thought the B&W 804 D3 was the obvious upgrade path, but have heard others rate the PMC and Revel options.

Any views on these three speaker options - or other recommendations?

My budget would be £7k or so (RRP).


It looks like Dynaudio contour 30 would be too much of a stretch , but would the newer evoke 30 be something to consider? My amp/pre-amp are the same as yours and I’m currently waiting for a pair of heritage special and stands to replace my harbeth m30.1. Maybe a case of insanity, or tbh getting old and trying to assemble my forever system. Good luck in whatever you do.

I have read elsewhere on this Forum that B&W maybe releasing a new set of speakers in their 800 series in April. So perhaps wait until then for a dem and then if you like them there may be a trade in offer on your existing B&Ws or alternatively existing 800 series being sold off cheaper?

Crazeenick - we have similar electronics - I upgraded from N805S to 804 D3 along with 282/250 and would highly rate the speakers (I know there are some who do not like the B&W sound, but there are other owners on here too :sunglasses:) you might not need your sub if go for them!
Like most B&W’s they come more alive at volume, but also I found the upgrade to be more detailed at lower volumes too - but that could also have been due to the electronics…still love my CDX2 and XPS2 (which was serviced and DR’d at the same time).

Upgrade demo’ing below…sorry for the toes!

Went for the Rosenut finish in the end.

Good luck in your search!


New 800 series is coming this April. Checkout the Sevenoaks website. Current 800s are being discounted. No mention of their replacement as yet.

When I auditioned different speakers, my final two were the B&W 702s2 and the Revel F206. So I would definitely consider the two you mention if I were upgrading. One interesting observation is that to my ears they sounded very similar, which when you look at their respective measurements is quite surprising.

I have not heard any PMC.

@Crazeenick A different view - With your 7K budget I think you could improve the front end or amplification rather than change your loudspeakers which you say you like! I can’t give you advice about the streamer front end, but having done it myself an XPSDR will transform the sound of your CDX2, if you still listen to and collect CD’s. Alternatively, adding a SuperCapDR (I think you have a HiCap looking at other posts of yours?) and/or trading the 282 for a 252 would be very worthwhile and still probably within your budget.

The result of this will be that your existing loudspeakers should sound much better - which is really your goal after all? If you stick with your plan, it could just highlight shortcomings in the rest of the system. Maybe you just want something different to look at in your room… but in my view that’s not the best reason to make this change.

Hope this helps.

Hoping we regain the cherry wood finish and lose the grey colour from the midrange cones on the new 800 series…

Mind you, if not, maybe the new range will make the s/h D3 prices drop low enough to come into WAF range.



I very much like these 805’s …

Still on the bucket list.

Thanks for the tipoff Douglas. I just ordered some Ex-display 804 D3 speakers from Sevenoaks for £5499 - £1500 off list price! They confirmed that updated 800 series speakers are coming soon, but they expect the 804 replacement to be £8k plus, and there won’t be any ex-display or second hand ones around for quite some time. So I thought I’d go with the 804 D3.

Thanks to everyone for their input!

You’re welcome. It can be difficult to keep up with your bank balance and B & Ws five year cycle.
The outgoing 800s were introduced in the Autumn of 2015. Having had three generations of them they do have a real improvement at each step. Their finish is superb and as yours are ex-display they will be partly run in. Pull them into the room a bit. The D3s for me have a much less “exciting” bass than previos generations which is a bonus. Enjoy.

As well as ex-demo models, it is also worth looking out for new old stock deals - I picked up my B&W CM5 S2s in autumn 2018, brand new unopened, for about 2/3 of their original list price following their replacement by the 700 series in 2017.

Have you got the 804 D3s by now and what do you think of them?

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Hi Douglas. Yes I got my 804 D3s. Very pleased with them - clear step up from the CM10 S2s across the board - especially the mids and treble. Would like to hear the higher models in the 800 range - then again, since I couldn’t possibly afford them it’s probably best that I don’t hear them!

Just sent for some Witch Hat Phantom speaker cable which seems to get great reviews.


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