Upgrading: different options.

Hello to all,

I am following this community for a while and now I decided to ask you a suggestion.

I am an happy owner of a Unitilite and Diapason Micra speakers. I am a loyal user of Diapason because they are produced in my hometown.

Anyhow I am wishing to upgrade.

First of all I deliberated a budget, that can be stretched but not much.

I have different options:

  1. spending all the budget to upgrade the speakers, adding a subwoofer too; in this case I am bound to speakers that can be driven by the Unitilite amp section;

  2. divide the budget to upgrade both speakers and amp section; I would like to add a NAP 200DR connected to the pre-out of the unitilite; in this case I could upgrade the pre and the streamer in the future but I don’t know if this addition is sensible.

3)keep the micra, maybe adding a sub, and upgrade the amp section with a supernait3 and a ‘good’ cd/streamer.

  1. keep the micra, add a sub, and upgrade to NAC202/NAP200DR with an ‘entry level’ cd/streamer.


I’d probably go with option 3, I prefer the Supernait over the 202/200.

Add the supernait, find a suitable steamer (chord Qutest plus Allo signature maybe), then decide if you want to invest in speakers or a sub.

I assume you end goal is a full system refresh?

You’re right,
this is my end goal, in due time.
I think I need a serious listening session.
And a lot of thinking.
There is a saying: “l’appetito vien mangiando” that means “the more you eat the more you want”.

Haha that is so true, I didn’t frequent this forum for 3 years while I lived in New Zealand and didn’t have a craving for any new hifi!

Hello Riccio, welcome to the forum.
I agree with Occean on the third option, the SN3 is a very nice unit. I have an SN2, and it’s excellent, and the 3 is even better, of course.

Regarding streamers, I have read a lot of positive reviews, both professional and on this forum, on the Naim ND5 XS2.
Best of luck with whatever you choose.


Hello everyone. I was really glad to see this thread here as I’m in a similar situation. I’m currently driving a pair of Harbeth Monitor 30.1s from a Naim Unitilite. The sound is good but I guess I’m interested to know what kind of upgrade options are available. Minimizing boxes is a goal, so the Unitilite has served well. This said, in research it ‘sounds’ like a big sonic upgrade is available if I were to ultimately get to a ND5 XS2+Supernait 3. I’ve not demo’ed this combo with my speakers. I’m also a bit of an analog purist when it comes to vinyl set ups. I use digital for most listening but AAA pressings for vinyl, so the new Nova product doesn’t appeal.

Budget wise, I don’t have enough for the ND5 XS2 and Supernait right now. But if that is the goal, does it make sense to add the Supernait 3 now and use the Unitilite as a source and preamp, going into the amp section on the Supernait 3? Do you think I’ll hear the difference if I go to the trouble to demo it?

Your guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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