Upgrading old CDX2 with digital out

Does the Naim factory service provide this option for a first generation CDX2? If so, any experiences, price points, etc.?

Pretty sure @Simon-in-Suffolk mentioned that he thought this upgrade degraded sound quality in his opinion. However, if you are just going to use as a transport, it might not bother you.

The factory certainly used to offer this, however, it mean’t losing the analogue output, so you had to be very sure that’s what you wanted. If you want both, then you need a later CDX2. If you’re still interested then best make enquiries through your Naim dealer with regard to availability and price to have the work done.


Richard has it, to enable digital out on a first gen CDX2, the mofication required disables permanently the internal DAC and analogue stage… so yes the sound quality was very much impacted :grinning:


Yes, IIRC:

The hookup was CD 5XS>Ndac>~PS

I bit the bullet, and decided on a pre-loved Mk I

The laser disc went out @ the bell curve about 10 years.

Fortunately, I had a later model!

Audio plus, Naim’s repair facility North America hooked me up phillips I believe! Very inexpensive!

Haven’t skipped or missed a beat!

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