Upgrading Speakers for Naim NC 200 System

As a recent convert from Linn to Naim, my journey began with the Nova. After being captivated by the Old classic Naim (Nap 250, SN3 & NDX2) at a friend’s place and conducting extensive research, I decided to invest in the New Classic 200 series components, which include the NC Nap 250, NSC 222, and NPX 300. To enhance performance, I upgraded my power cables to Powerline for both the NAP 250 and NPX 300, and paired them with Chord Epic twin speaker cables connected to Monitor Audio Gold 100 speakers. Although the sound stage was acceptable, I found the detail lacking and struggled to find it a perfect match with Naim.

Now, as I contemplate upgrading my speakers, I face the challenge of not having the opportunity for demos in my country, Saudi Arabia. However, after extensive research, I’ve narrowed down my options to the Harbeth C7 XD (available with a 30% discount from a dealer), ATC SCM 19 (offered with a 10% discount), and ProAc D2R.

Given this context, I’m seeking advice on which speaker upgrade would best complement my Naim system and deliver the most gratifying listening experience.

My room size is 3.5M X 3.5M

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I hate to say it, but one thing to note here is that with a square dimensioned room, getting speakers to work well is going to be quite difficult (and if the height is also 3.5m then best just use headphones!) unless you have furnishings that will go some way to breaking up the room modes. To that end, it’s going to be really difficult without being able to try the speakers in the room, and finding optimum positioning will take time and effort.


I have heard the ATC SCM11. In a room of that size I think the 19 might be physically and sonically a bit ‘big’. The 11 certainly does detail, it is quite neutral and I really liked it. Not tons of low end but nicely defined. Needs a bit of volume to get going. I haven’t heard the others, although again I’d wonder about the ProAc Tablette rather than the Response in a room of that size.

Really hard to give very specific help, speakers are very personal, room sizes and placement have big effects. I’d want at the very least a trial period with the option to send them back if you didn’t like them. Or maybe limit the risk and buy s/h?

Are you budgeting for stands too?


I’d add the PMC twenty5.21i to the list. They can go very close to the wall, unlike the Harbeths or ProAcs, which is important in a room 3.5m across. The ProAc Tablette 10 Signature, mentioned above, is another very good option.


Yes, already taken a quote from tontraeger for Harbeth