Upgrading the phono stage…

Currently I’m using a GS phonostage (see my equipment list in my profile) and want to upgrade and improve. Budget £1000. Used ok. MC only.

Which one should I look at please?

You could try a Stageline with its own dedicated HiCap. If both are pre-loved, it should come in under £1k.
I noticed a big improvement on my Stageline when powering off a dedicated HiCap rather than taking power from the 282.

Gold note ph10.


I use the Vertere Phono-1, it’s MC and MM, it works really well between my Roksan TMS and my NAC52.

Lehmann Decade?

Another vote for the Vertere which I upgraded to from a Rega Aria earlier this year, itself no slouch, though it has a touch more background noise. I use it with a well-spec’d LP12/250/282 and it’s a good match.

The Gold Note ph-10 is a brilliant option.
Also the Gold Note ph-1 & psu-1 (which I’m using) is another great option,but you have to search for remaining units,due to be discontinued.
I strongly suggest Gold Note,as I tried multiple phono preamps before,mostly Project Audio & the difference is huge.

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I’d also put a Cyrus Signature Phono Stage on your list, you’d probably find one in budget. Great in itself but you could add PSU at a later date which gags further improvement.

I’m considering replacing my 20+ year old Linn phono stage which cost £1000+ at the time.

Can a £1000 phono-amp compete now or do I need to go far higher up the path?

Any views on Tom Evans phono stages? Superlines? Sadly very hard to compare locally these days.

I would audition a Lejonklou Entity 1.1 if you can. Amazing performance for the price. 1600Uk 2695US

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I remember seeing somewhere in the System Pictures thread that someone had some equipment that was cylindrical in shape. Very unique. Anyone might know what brand that is?

@iliria Musical Fidelity made some items in a cylindrical case.

About 20 years ago and rather average even then.

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