Upgrading the Uniti Atom

Hi. I love my Uniti Atom but now want to add CD-playing functionality. Would it be better to sell/ replace it with the Star, add the Core (although I’m not interested in ripping) or just add a cheaper CD player?

The Core does not play CDs.

You could add a CD player or CD transport via the Atom’s s/pdif inputs. There’s a huge choice of great secondhand CD players out there that can work as excellent transports. I have used a Meridian 200 with excellent results into the Naim DAC. It’s getting on a bit these days but still looks great (a design classic in my mind), and performs well. The later Meridian 500 is also excellent as a transport and also available for not much money. What’s nice about these is that they are well designed, nicely made, and quite similar in size to the Atom.

I’ve got the Linn Classik attached via s/pdif for the occasional CD, works really well. you also get radio to boot. Good luck.

Thank you. That’s really helpful.

Thank you Alec. Food for thought.

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It depends on the trade in value and do you use the existing analogue input ?

If you want to use the Atom’s DAC capability there are a couple of CD transports from Cyrus and slightly lower priced CD transport from Pro_Ject (which I believe is an award winner) . Or there is a “shoebox” Rega CD player

Given the half size nature of the Atom I have suggested similar sized boxes, but of course Naim still build a solitary full sized CD player. I still believe that Naim have missed an opportunity with a half sized CD transport to match the DACv 1

Either way, you will be using the Atom DAC, as it digitises the analogue input.


Spot on, so it makes sense to get a transport or a CD player with a digital output. Suspect a Rega or Pro-Ject would be cheaper than upgrading to a Star

Thanks Chris but I’m sorry I don’t understand what you mean. I’m not technical and don’t understand the relevance of the Atom’s DAC. Do you mean I would have to connect a CD player in a specific way to make it work?

Hi, what I mean is that the Atom converts the signal from the analogue input into a digital signal. The main advantage of this comes if you use Naim’s multiroom function, as the input from a turntable can then be played around the house if you have another Naim system.
Obviously the signal then goes through the Atom’s DAC to be converted back to an analogue signal to be fed to the amplifier. In practical terms, you don’t need to know this, just connect the TT as normal.

I think Chris means the CD player as usual.

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