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Via the Naim app on my IPhone my NDX finds 2 servers: my laptop and my Sony Bluray @ FM player. I can access music on my laptop no problem but connecting to the Sony player gives very odd result. I see the player and selecting it gives 2 options: FM preset and Input. Selecting FM preset displays all the preset FM channels but on selecting one the app displays “1 track added” but there is no sound. Selecting Input displays TV, Bluetooth Audio and Audio but none of them result in sound. The NDX display shows “Stopped no track playing”.
Clearly the Sony and NDX are communicating but only partially. Anyone got any ideas?

Have you tried playing something on the sony and then selecting it as a server source for the ndx2? If the sony is sat idle i’m not sure the ndx2 is capable of controlling it. Hence the “stopped no track playing” message if the sony itself isn’t playing anything.

So you have a Bluray player that is also an FM radio and UPnP server? Perhaps I’ve misunderstood, but that seems like a highly unusual combination of features! My suspicion is that the fact that it’s exposed as a UPnP server at all is an aberration.

Yes tried that - NDX displays the info but no sound. I’m guessing that the Sony is streaming in an unsupported format

Does sound a bit of a strange combination. Our Sony Bluray player can play from a UPnP server elsewhere on the network but not serve.

To the OP, what model number is the Sony player ?

It’s a Dolby 5.1 Home cinema system, with Bluray/DVD, FM radio and right now it is wirelessly streaming a FLAC file of The Trio of Oz that I downloaded onto my Laptop! The sound is good but nothing like that of the Naim kit. What I hoped to do was stream the Audio from my DVD music collection through my NDX. It seems that the Sony box is happy to receive streams but not to transmit them. Unfortunately it has no form of audio output apart from its own speakers. Not even a headphone socket so wiring to NDX is impossible.

It’s a BDV-E2100

Does it not have a digital output you could feed to the NDX ?

I was not aware that I had an UpnP server on the network until I installed the NDX. All a bit techie for me, I just love music!

No outputs at all bar its own speakers

Yes, just found an image of the rear panel - takes audio in including optical from a TV. Looks like it’s a non starter for getting audio from your DVDs to the NDX from this device.

The only other possibility I can think if would be to use an HDMI converter into an SPDIF input on the NDX.
If you already use the HDMI for a TV, you would also need an HDMI splitter. I’m not 100% certain this would work, but I can’t see why it wouldn’t.

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