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I would like to very much simplify my UPnP Browse Tree. Ideally it would be one page containing Album Artist / Album, Artist, Album, Title and Folders & Filename Browsing in that order. I’ve managed to delete headings so that my Browse Tree has Artist, Album, Title and Additional. Is there a way of getting Album Artist / Album and Folders & Filename Browsing out of Additional and into the main screen?

Yes its all possible, all you need to do is learn how to edit the browse tree.
This is my app UI, is this close to what you are looking for?

Pretty close Mike. You’ve got both Album / Artist and Folders & Filename Browsing out of Additional and onto the main screen which is what I would like to do with Album Artist / Album appearing first and Folders & Filename Browsing last.

OK, so all you need to do is learn to edit your browse tree.
First is to make a copy of your plain text browse tree as back up if you get in a mess.
Then start playing with the Browse Tree Config screen.
This is how mine looks that gives the app UI picture I posted, this’ll give you a start.

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How did you get Album Artist / Album and Folders & Filename Browsing out of Additional and onto the Main Screen? I’ve tried clicking on insert: before and nothing happens. At the moment I’ve got
+\Album Artist / Album
and immediately below that

Just touch the titled lines down the left side colum, that opens up the entire text list, find the one you want & touch that to set it on that line.
Like I said you need to learn, it’s only you that can do it.

I’m probably being stupid, but I’m finding this really counterintuitive. Can you talk me through an example. Can you share your Browse Tree text.

I’m looking to click on Album Artist / Album on the main page which would then show the letters of the alphabet on tiles. Selcting a letter would bring up tiles of the Artists and clicking on the Artist would bring up tiles of their albums.

Edit - making some progress. I think I was a bit impatient when applying the changes.

I don’t understand what you can’t do.
Click on a left column line to open all the option in a long text list, select the option you want, click it & that’s that line fixed.
Just take your time, one line at a time, its simple.

Here is my plain text file … delete what you have then copy/paste all the following

In: Edit as plain text
Album Artist / Album{no_track_list}
Album Artist / Album\Album
Folders & Filename Browsing
Dynamic Browsing
Dynamic Browsing\Artist{a_to_z}
Dynamic Browsing\Composer{a_to_z}
Dynamic Browsing\Conductor{a_to_z}
Dynamic Browsing\Genre
Dynamic Browsing\Style
Dynamic Browsing\Year
Dynamic Browsing\Rating
New Albums

Apologies Mike, I was making it far more complicated than it actually is. I thought you had to use the Insert command. Plus I was too impatient after Applying the changes which hadn’t worked properly as a consequence. Editing the plain test file is probably the simplest way of editing.

I would avoid editing the Plain Text file unless you know what you’re doing, a missing or wrongly applied character can throw it out of kilter.
The Browse Tree edit facility is designed by the Illustrate people as a user editor & its error proof, you can only select one of the un-editable text lines & select/deselect the check boxes.

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