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Hi I have managed to create a playlist on one device but then it disappeared after about a week. Oddly on one of my other Android devices I do not have a UPNP Playlist tab at all.
The Naim app as, in theory, it does everything I think I need and it has improved. I can certainly reliably find my server based library now. I just keep running into this kind of issue which makes me turn to other controllers.
Any advice on the specifics of the playlist function and/or recent experience with the app.

I have always found the app playlists unreliable, which is a shame, because it’s so easy to use when it works.
The alternative is to create playlists using your UPnP server. They then appear in the UPnP input on the app.

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Thanks Chris,
So to check my understanding I can use the Synology NAS music app and playlists created will appear on the UPNP playlist tab on the app or within the playlists of my music server apps?

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Yes, I believe you can do this on most servers, although I haven’t tried it on Minimserver. I do it on a Naim server, which makes it very easy.

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Yes appears fine on Minimserver and the Synology server app. Does not appear on the Naim app (the one that has a UPNP input!). Thanks.

There’s probably a simple answer to this, but I don’t use Minimserver, so not sure I can help. Maybe someone who uses it can help. Otherwise, try asking on the Minimserver forum, you should get an answer there.

Thanks I will seek assistance from Minimserver. Usually very good but this probably is a Naim app issue.

If Minimserver is configured correctly, the Naim app should have no trouble showing them in the UPnP input. Having said that, there has just been an update to the Naim iOS app, and one of the fixes was an improvement to UPnP playlists, so it could be that an Android update will address the same issues soon.

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Thanks. But of course one of my Naim apps on an Android device does not even show the UPNP playlist tab so has no chance of showing playlists! I have to 'phone Naim support on another issue so will mention this to them.

Just to be clear, playlists on the server do not appear on the app home page - that’s where you should see playlists created on the Naim app.
If you open the UPnP input, and open Minimserver there, that is where you should see them, in the list along with Artists, Albums, etc. But they will only appear there once you have figured out how to manage them, and configured Minimserver to display them. That’s what the Minimserver forum should be able to help you with. The developer of Minimserver posts there under the name SimonCN. If he can’t help you, nobody can.

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Thanks got that,. By UPnP input do you mean the ‘Servers’ button which shows me the UPNP servers.
I can see the playlists there so all good. I thought I should also be able to see on the UpNP app which appears next the radio button on one Andoid device. On the other it does not appear at all - struggling with the app. As an aside do you know how to search for podcasts or radio stations in the app?

Only Playlists created in the Naim App will appear on the Naim homepage. If you haven’t created any playlists in this manner then there won’t be an option in the homepage.

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Got it. I could do with a guide onhow to use the app :slight_smile:. I now need to work out if and how I search on radio stations/podcasts. Many thanks all.

The old streamers call it the UPnP input, the new ones call it the Server input.

Hi - did you have any joy configuring MinimServer to display Playlists alongside Album, Artist etc ?


Sorry for late response. I have been distracted by music and streaming problems and missed this. Yes the easist way for me has been to create a playlist on my Synology NAS witht hte Synology musicapp and then when I rescan with Minimserver it appears. I have used playlistcreator on windows before but find it easier to use NAS directly.
Hope this helps.

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Yes, I also think that’s the best solution; at least without problems in my configuration.


Thanks for letting me know. Sorry for my grammar in previous post.

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I’ve never been able to see the Naim App upnp playlists anywhere but the home page in the app. All my other playlists can be seen in Minim or Asset in the upnp menu.

I’d like to find a good app for creating .M3U playlists from my NAS. Doing it manually is not fun.

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