UPnP server for a MacBook Pro early 2011

Good Sunday Gentlemen,

I know it’s been asked, answered and debated since the big bang, but could a gentle soul suggest a good, simple and effective UPnP server for my Mac? I am not interested in myriads of functions nor cover arts etc., since in case I start some streaming I’ll be using the very good Apple Remote downloaded from the Apple store, on my iPhone or, better, on my iPad 9.7.

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OK I read you’re not interested in myriads of functions, but have you looked at Asset UPnP. Its available to load on Apple OS X (Mavericks or newer). You can try it as a freebee trail version that does have limited functions, that will let you see what it can do & how it suits you & your system.
The full (purchased) version does have a raft of configurations but its default config that you get at installation gets you up & running straight out of the box. Then over time maybe you would like to play with some of the features.

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Hi Mike,

thanks, I’ll take a look and will see what I manage to do with the trial version. I am not contrary to buy full versions when I’m happy with some software.

Hi again Max, OK go for it, but please note I just noticed it’s for Macbooks with Mavericks or later. You have a 2011 Macbook but Mavericks was implemented in 2013 I believe, so you might need to investigate upgrading to that before getting Asset

Hi Mike,
no problem, I upgraded until HighSierra then came back to El Capitan. I should be safe.

Best, thanks,

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+1 for Asset. I used this previously & it did a very simple, straightforward job for me.

…mine was also on a late 2011 MacBook pro

Max, the Apple Remote app is specific to Apple’s iTunes and other music apps, so it will be no use to you with a UPnP server. How do you plan to use the server - will it be for a Naim streamer?

When I first had a Mac Mini I used it as a Nas, using free Serviio UPnP server. It worked a treat with ND5XS.

Audirvana is usable as a UPnP server, with MQA first unfold capability if th at is of interested, and able to playTidal and Qobuz online as well. I don’t have experience of it in that mode, only as a renderer, in which it excels sound-quality wise when optimised in a headless dedicated Mac Mini. I find Audirvana’s library handling less than ideal with my imperfect metadata, however it is low cost, and in any case is available for free trial (excluding the optional phone /tablet control app).




I would let my MacBook in the studio on the desktop where I work or take it with me in the living room, in both cases wired to the switch I have applied to the modem. I have had an ethernet socket inserted in the same block with the other power outlets where I keep met main system.The Apple Remote would simply allow me to browse my iTunes library at a distance from the Mac. So I think that it would not interfere with any UPnP server I should choose. It would be only with an ND5XS2, anyway: the others are too expensive and I heard it and liked it.


I think that if I begin this new phase, I’ll stay initially with a good, free or cheap, no-frills server like Serviio or perhaps Asset. I know Audirvana, a lot of people use it but I don’t know exactly how many of them have actually paid for it… :wink:

I think I have learned to use iTunes as best as I could. I detour music from it in various formats to an iPhone 6s and, now, to an iPad I take with me to work. Each device has its choice of music in different degrees of quality. I normally use Apple Lossless as base format.

If you are happy with iTunes, you can continue to use it, with the Apple Remote app, to play to the Naim streamer over AirPlay.
Alternatively you can point a UPnP server such as Asset or Minimserver at your iTunes music library, and/or other stored music files, and play them, controlled by the Naim app.
ITunes comes in for a fair amount of criticism from some, but if it works for you there is no need to change. UPnP may bring a subtle change (I hesitate to use the word improvement) in the sound, and it gives you a wider choice of formats, including hi-res, so you could always give it a try.


I may try Asset. An ND5XS2 might my my demo toy for the weekend.


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