UPnP Track Sequence on Mu-so QB 2nd Gen

Having finally manged to get UPnP working such that I can see the music files on my PC, I find that the tracks are displayed/played in alphabetical sequence rather than track number (#) sequence. I can’t find any way round this except to add the track number to the front of each track title, but this means the track number is displayed twice. And anyway, I have some 9000 tracks so this is not really feasible. Anybody have a fix/workaround for this? Apologies if this has been raised before, but couldn’t see it.

It’s very likely a question of which upnp server you are using to stream the music. If you try a trial version of Asset it should work fine.

Thanks, but sure what you mean by ‘which upnp server’. It is located on a Windows 10 PC. Also not familiar with ‘Asset’. Is this an app running on the phone/ipad. Am currently using the Naim app to manage playing the upnp tracks.

Hi Steve, when the streamer is playing the music, it finds it using a protocol called UPNP. Somewhere on your PC an application is indexing your music and exposing it via UPNP. This data is referenced by the Naim app to find out what is available. It’s the PC application which is sending the info the Naim app shows.

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If you google Asset upnp you will find it. It’s made by Illustrate, who also make dbpoweramp. You load it on your computer, nas or whatever.

What format are the files in? If they are WMA this will probably be an issue. If they are convert a few to flac and see if that works.

I realised that I didn’t have indexing in operation for the directories/folders where the music files reside on my Windows Pc. So, I switched indexing on and problem solved.

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Most files are FLAC, with a few mp3, but no WMA.

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