Uptone ether regen with ndx2/xpsdr

I realize there is already some very long threads re this switch but…
I have above streamer in system that comprises Olive 52;supercap and Olive 135s into Kudos Titan T88s.
My Verizon router is wired to a Ubiqiti 8 switch which feeds directly to my ndx2. I use BJ Cat 6a from RJ45 wall plate and same patchcord from Ubiquiti switch to ndx2.
My experience thus far is that I’m loving streaming - mostly happy with SQ but at times I perceive a certain sound that makes me want to turn down the volume due to a certain harshness in some tracks.
My prior source was cds2/xpsdr.
Would substituting the ER to replace the ubiquiti switch make a worthwhile improvement? Or would I be served better by using both switches ie connecting the ubiquiti switch to the ER and then connecting the ER to my ndx2 ? Or am I better off just sticking with the ubiquiti switch and saving my money?
The ER price in US is $640- not a huge sum but not small amount either. I would gladly pay if upgrade was significant.
If you read the ER forum you would think that the ER was like adding an Naim xpsdr to a ndx2.
I’m thinking of pulling the trigger as they offer money back option if not satisfied.
Seems like a lot of those on the forum like the ER but in the context of ND555/552/500 systems. What about my “midrange “ Naim system?
Thanks, david

Hi David,

The ER was very good with my Nova. The ER certainly helped remove a certain harshness/brightness on the ND555. The Nova did not have that and the EE switch actually brightened it up a bit!

The ER switch with an expensive custom PS makes more difference in my system than changing the CD555 > ND555. The difference is staggering for such a small hot running box!

Try it, I will say it needs a lot of running in though. I also use a Melco, not sure if the interaction between switch and Melco makes it even better…

I just bought a second one actually to see if it makes a further difference! From what you say you want to improve I would buy ER over EE. EE makes more life and in turn brightness/sharpness. ER makes everything sound more real life.

The ER is great! I used it with an ND5 XS2 and now with an NDX2. It sounds much better than the Cisco switch it replaced.

How long before it plateaued in terms of SQ?

Can you characterize the improvement?

More quiet background, that allows more details to come through. Also smoother and less brittle sounding.

Thanks Daniel - if it does that to my system, then I’m all in :wink:

@davidf after a week it had settled down to its final sonic signature but it still improved over 2 months. Maybe it will improve further… Its hard/impossible to tell now as I have a different P/S that will change over run in.

With the ER instruments and voices have more vibrancy, naturalness and sound more real.
Adding a good linear ps , the combo is like adding an Xps 2 to the Cdx2 ( the combo I had before Nds).
There is also more clarity, focus, more extension of notes, and bigger soundstage. The sound is more fluent and relaxed too.

@frenchrooster has nailed it there. The difference in sound with the ND555 is akin to when I moved from CDS3/XPS-DR to CD555/2*555DR. The 555DR’s were new and the CD555 just serviced so no run in. For the cost of the ER plus my P/S its a very good value upgrade still.

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It’s great with my NDX2/XPS. (-:

ordered one!
now I just have to wait…
thanks for the help, guys

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