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I have just subscribed to a US site for the upcoming Record Store Day.

INext year, it will be on 15 April, and you can subscribe using the words 'record store day (without spaces) followed by ‘.com’.

I know that posting other websites is not permitted on this Forum is not permitted, but I hope that, by posting in this way, I’m not infringing Forum rules.

I’ve never bought anything on Record Store Day, but I was determined not to miss something special, such as The Doors ‘Absolutely Live’ on blue vinyl last year (which I’m hoping to have sourced separately).

What do you get if you subscribe? There are different RSD sites for the UK and the US and they will post complete lists of the releases available ahead of 15 April. Don’t forget that not everything is released in the UK and the US (and I guess there may be other releases in the EU). If you haven’t bought RSD releases before, do you realise that the independent record stores who participate are not supposed to sell anything online for a week (I think) after the RSD day itself? This means that your highly desirable Doors US-only release may never be available from an online American record store but only from an eBay flipper. I apologise if you know all this already.

Clive, thanks for that.

I have never been involved with Record Store Day before. I was just very pee’d off to have missed the Doors album last year.

The notification of next year’s doings just dropped into my mailbox, unsolicited by me, but maybe as a result of my searches to find that Doors release, and I thought that other Members might be interested.

As to what you get, I’m not sure. There are some details on the website already, but not a list of all the juicy details. It may be that more details will emerge in the build-up, I just don’t know. There’s no cost involved, so no one has anything to lose.

I would be very annoyed not to get hold of something like the blue vinyl ‘Absolutely Live’ LPs, so I thought that I should throw out the info to other Members.

On reflection I don’t think @Richard.Dane would object to posting the urls here (he can delete the post if he does).

UK is

US is

Paris Blues is an RSD release this year.
I’ll end up getting it, but I’d rather have a full Matrix release.

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