US SSD dead, how can I play from NAS

My SSD US is now off to NAIM for a blinking logo repair, expected back end january. Meanwhile, is it possible to have the Synology NAS streaming directly to the 272 (they are both attached to same network)

Run a UPnP server on the NAS and connect the NAS to the 272 via ethernet

This depends. Are your US rips still in the Naim WAV format? If so, you won’t be able to play them as complete albums due to the way the metadata is attached to the music files. If they are converted to flac, or are downloads, they will be fine. Synology includes a basic upnp server, called Media Server if I recall. If you enable that you will be able to play the files.

Note that you don’t connect the Nas ‘to’ the 272 directly; instead they both need to be on your network.

Thanks, installed the media server on synology nas, and it now show up in the upnp menu 272 - but music folder is empty. I have 3 folders on synology music (empty), music-1 (us ripped music) and my-music (downloaded music) any hints on how to show the music-1. And yes its wav

You probably wont have a lot of luck if they are naim wavs. The downloads folder my fair better, unless they are wavs as well?

Wav might sound better (never heard it myself) but boy are they a pain in the arse.

It you had the files in FLAC you could have used them with a non-Naim server, but unfortunately the unusual way in which Naim rippers store metadata means they can’t be read by other servers.
I believe there is a workaround using SongKong that can sort this. However, if you use it to change the files, it will cause problems when your Unitiserve returns. So you would need to make copies of the files, and edit those.

If this folder is showing empty, then you have a separate problem, as it will not contain Naim style metadata. Perhaps the server hasn’t scanned the files yet?

What upnp server did you install? Did you tell it what folders your music library is in?

Working now, needed to include the folders as index folders for music and then a re-indexing , thanks. What a great community when help is needed :smiley:

Using your laptop/computer, you can drag & drop or copy/paste all the files in the Synology from one folder to another, maybe best keep it simple & have them all in ‘Music’
When you install the Synology ‘Media Server’ UPnP it will scan the shares.
You will not be able to see & play the Naim spec US ripped WAV files. These can be converted to FLAC but only with the US.
Any bought in downloads, WAV or FLAC or others, will play

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