USB-B to USB-C adapter,.need help

:orange_circle: Help …

I bought a new headphone-amp,.I will get it home on Tuesday, December 14th.

For the one that I have today,.I use a…
:black_small_square:Vertere Redline USB-A to USB-B cable.

On my new headphone-amp there is a USB-C,.so I need an adapter for my Vertere cable.

I have searched everywhere,.and the only one I found is the one in the picture from Walmart in the US,.I am from Sweden.
I would like to find one in better quality,.

Is there anyone in this group who can give me a tip.

I am not aware of ‘audiophile’ cable adaptors. As you have spent circa 500 quid on a USB cable I think the only real option is sell it and get the right one for your use case. Where there is a perceived audio difference surely all an adaptor will do regardless of quality is degrade the sound?

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Welcome back Peder. Glad you are still there :+1:

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What you need is a usb c to usb a adapter. The Audioquest Dragonfly model is good, designed for use with their headphone DACs. About 30 USD, available on Amazon and elsewhere.

Whoops, if your headphone amp requires a usb c input , this won’t work. There are a few options on Amazon, but nothing from Audioquest or equivalent.

If you can find the right cable terminations best to do so, no point having a expensive cable let down by an adapter

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Humm pretty sure he needs what he is looking for USB A from presumably a laptop or PC or something into the headphone amp. Again presumably the current headphone amp (Such as naims little dac) will connect via USB B, the new one is by USB C.

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Thank you Frenchrooster :+1:

I have looked in and read from time to time,.but it has been a long time between the times.

Have had so much to do,.but now I have been inspired to optimize my headphone system a bit.
It is both interesting and exciting.
And somehow just as good,.maybe sometimes even better (though a little different) than my “big system”.

But the same problem arises…
• adaptation
• optimization
…and the old usual …
Attention To Detail :sob:.

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They don’t exist, you will have to contact a cable company and see if they will custom make you a USB Type B Female to USB C Male adapter.

Hi garyi…

I got this answer above on a headphone forum …
So maybe the best thing is to talk to Vertere in England,.and see if they can make an “adapter” with the same cable.

There should always be a problem.
I have seen this version of cable I am looking for in other brands.
But I have tried / evaluated many USB-cables in my headphone-system, and this cable creates the musical synergy that I want.

Who said life should be easy…:wink:.

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