Usb connection problems with Naim NDX5 XS after 4.8 upgrade

Well I was so excited as I managed to get my NDX5 XS Serviced and upgraded to 4.8 and have the LED replaced all before Christmas at Salisbury.
I gave up trying to get the Asset UPNP to work at all which was a shame as I have 8000 tracks on my pc!
My fall back was always to plug my iPhone into the USB connect but this time that would not work at all and I have no clue why.
Worried I would have no playlists for Christmas I subscribed to TIDAL Hi Fi version only to find that whilst it worked now and again now it does not work at all and just says Source Err. Cannot Read Server or Can’t Play Skipped Track, this had nothing to do with the internet connection as the only thing that would work was the internet radio!
The Naim App kept dropping in and out of being able to recognise my kit in the room.
I am so fed up I just swithched it all off and put the tv on!
Has anyone else got any advice? Or experienced the same?
I rang the Naim tech people but they say they will ring you back but never do.
Fed up from Shropshire!

Hi, this seems like a network issue, the first thing would be to reboot your broadband router, and if you have a switch as well, turn that off and back on again.

What app were you using in the iPhone when using the USB connection? It was only really intended to work with iTunes, so it doesn’t always work with non-Apple music apps.
What often coaxes it to work is if you play something from Apple Music/iTunes, and once it starts playing, open your preferred app and let it take over, this usually plays OK into the streamer.

Hello thank you. I didn’t think it was a network issue as the Radio on the tuner worked fine. I did try the switch it off and start again route but it didn’t help at the time.

Hello thank you, yes I was using iTunes and my iPhone which had always worked previously though not ideal but better than not having access to my Playlists at all. It was only after that failed and Asset UPNP that I went on to Tidal.
But following your post I just tried again plugged my iPhone in and it worked straight away without having to even play a tune on iTunes how very strange! I thought it would as a little icon appeared in the right hand window that I had not seen before as soon as I put the phone in even before choosing input.
It was just annoying as it messed up my Christmas song playing but never mind just happy it seems to work now. Tho I am none the wiser as to why it wouldn’t before.
Thanks for the tip I will try that next time it lets me down also.

Hi Minnie
It does sound like a network issue so hopefully a reboot of the modem/router was successful.

I have an nd5 xs2 which may be different but I have dropped using my synology server and put all those CD files onto a ssd drive attached to the USB port on the nd5. The Naim app allows me to view and play by selecting usb in the app (not a great interface) or by selecting server in the Naim app which works really well.

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