Usb max file capacity UnitiQute 2?

What is the max memory capacity for a connected USB for audio files on the UnitiQute 2. I can’t see it listed anywhere?

Hello. At least 128gb. I personally have a UQ2 and use it with a sandisk usb3 128gb

But I would bet that could go 256gb

Thanks. I was kinda hoping for more with the modern gb storage capacity.

Maybe you can. I never tested. ( didn’t need to).

The 1st gen. streamers cannot read metadata through the USB input, as they were really designed as network streamers, so browsing a large library isn’t going to be a great experience. Better to use a UPnP server if your music library is stored locally.

Yeah that was my original intention but the more I look at upgrading my current sqbx system the more I think a nas attached to the transport seems better. Gb USB would be too simple. lol.
WI-Fi is perhaps a second best.

A NAS is, by definition, attached to the network, not directly to the transport. If you had a current generation Naim streamer it would be different as they have a UPnP server built in, so they can serve music files on a directly attached USB drive to their own streamer and to others on your network.
The old streamers cannot do this. You can do the job properly for maybe £250 for a NAS running a server, or you can botch it with a USB memory stick.

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Yeah, thanks Chris. I was wondering about the capability of the Naim devices.

Of course if I want a locally attached music server I could get one with upnp/dlna on board , but that wasn’t my question.

What Chris is saying in effect is that a NAS (Network-attached Storage) must by definition be attached to a network. Otherwise it’s just storage.

And unlike the new platform Unitis and streamers, the Unitiqute 2, for all its virtues, does not handle files on plugged in storage well.



Thanks. I understand the terminology. I may disagree that a nas is only a nas if its connected to one network connectd device, say a PC, but not another network connectd device, say a music server, but that’s a sideshow.
My question was perhaps framed awklardly it was intended as a question as to what processing and software capability the Unitiqute 2 has in terms of what size of stored music library it could handle with usb music files mounted on the device, whether they could be seen across the network or not.

I think I have an indication now that it does not handle a large amount.

Back to the reason for the original questioning.

I have a network streamer, a squeezebox device. That feeds a Qutest.
The sqbx does not support anything above 16/44(48). Other than that it has the functionality that I currently need.
On my wishlist of source upgrades is a replacement for the sqzbx. If I can find something that supports 24/192 and also can handle qobuz onboard, then that would be good. Variable pre-amp and dac aren’t required but obviously given that many streamers have them as part of the package that may be unavoidable. It also must be wifi enabled.

A Unitiqute will play from a direct attached USB stick, but it will not, as I mentioned before, expose it to other devices on your network if that’s what you mean, because it’s not a server.
The current Naim streamers do have a UPnP server running on them, which is how they handle larger libraries by browsing metadata, and make the files available to other streamers on your network, which I think is what you are asking for?
The Unitiqute supports Tidal and Spotify, but not Qobuz, so again, a current Naim streamer would fit the bill here. They also have decent WiFi performance, which cannot be said of the older models. The Naim box that ticks all the boxes here would be an ND5XS2.

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Thanks Chris. That clears up my confusion with the Naim range.

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