USB to S/PDIF Bridge MM >NAC N272

Hi All,
Hoping you can clear up some confusion I have over USB to S/pdif from a Mac.
I currently stream Aiff files to my 272 from a Mac Mini (2014/ SSD) using MinimServerUpnp.
I am very happy with this setup which I intend to keep. I now also wish to setup sending Audio via USB to the 272 mostly because of Amazon music HD(I already have prime). I have read on this forum and others that USB is superior to Toslink because it bypass’s the MM’s Soundcard processing so I was going to use a budget end converter(Shiit Eitr / Topping D10). Now here is where I am confused :

  1. Will using the USB on the MM indeed bypass the sound card processing and pass thru to the DAC on the 272 ?
  2. If (1) is correct, why is everybody saying that you need to manually adjust the Audio midi settings on the MM for each track as the Amazon App does not yet auto correct them ?
  3. If (1) is incorrect will there there be any benefit in this situation to having a bridge instead of just Toslinking from MM to 272 ?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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