Use Supernait as Pre-amp

Have been looking to upgrade my current system from SN1 with PMC twenty 5 23s - sources Planar 3, CD5X and Bluesound Vault ghrough DAC-V1.
Auditioned the new 222/250, which sounded great, and ideally I’d get those plus Core but don’t have the readies just now.
Retailer suggested using the SN as pre into 250 as interim first step. Does that seem a good idea?
Thoughts are tgat the SN struggles to power the PMCs at liw volume, hence wanting to upgrade.
Thanks in advance

I would have thought a hicap would be a better first step. But then if you want to move to 222/250 rather than 282/hicap/250 it makes more sense to skip the hicap. Have you consider the classics? Or heard the 282/250?
You can also do 222 into the supernait as a power amp.
I’m surprised you think the sn doesn’t have enough oomph for the pmc speakers.

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Thanks, it’s not a power issue so much as lack of body at low volume. Great when high volume, but that’s not always very sociable! Hadn’t considered using the 222 into the SN. Might listen to that, as it would replace the Bluesound streamer which is a bit of a weak link at the mo

Perceived lack of body at low volume is a function of your own hearing abilities.
At low volumes human hearing is less sensitive to low frequencies.

Fletcher-Munson curves show this …


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