Used NDX - Bad Choice?

Hi. I have an opportunity to purchase a preowned NDX (192 capable, no BT) for what appears to be a decent price (under $2k), but I am concerned about even spending that much on a streamer that dates back to 2009. I will be using it to primarily stream from my ripped library as well as Tidal and Spotify HQ streams. I understand the new generation of streamers is more adept at these tasks, but wont be able to stretch my budget to an ND5 X2. I am currently using a blue-sound node via digital coax into a Chord Mojo. Will the NDX even better this? Am I better of waiting? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

For local streaming from your own music library, I would say yes, given that prices have dropped since the new models have arrived.
For web streaming, it’s a bit more risky, in particular with Tidal, which some have had trouble with, although for me, it has been generally reliable. There are often workaround solutions for these issues. For example, using a proxy server such as BubbleUPnP can be a good solution for anyone who suffers from Tidal dropouts. It’s pretty easy to set up, but if all that sounds like too much hassle, maybe it’s not for you.

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Under $2k sounds like a nice deal to me. As far as issues streaming services there have been a few lately but seems to be on Tidal’s end and they have been sorted. Not to say another won’t pop up at some point but I think it will get worked out if it happens.

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As stated, if your streaming needs are mainly a locally ripped CD collection, or just web radio and spotify, the old NDX is a superb source and it is holding it’s value so well largely because it is such a good source and so many people do their serious listening from a local NAS - at which the NDX excels.

I would, however, check the service history from the serial number with Naim. Given the age, if it has not had the screen replaced and depending on the owner’s habits, that may be the next thing to go. If the unit lived it’s life with a 10 second screen timeout, then even a very old unit should still be fine.

I have a used NDX. I’m very happy with it streaming Tidal (with very good results), and also a local NAS. I got it for a good price, a 2017 mfg date .

Thanks the unit dates to 2011. Good point about the screen. Does anyone know if the screen goes, can I still control all functions and settings with the App? I know the NX5 X2 has no screen, and I am not sure that would bother me all that much as the unit will be in a closet.

The NDX must have the screen to get into the system menu to setup preferences. So while it may not be needed day-to-day, a unit with no screen is not viable.

I would rather update your DAC and would continue using the Bluesound Node as streamer —either climb up the Chord ladder (Qutest?) or a Naim DAC.

My honest answer, is probably not a great option, unless you would otherwise need to wait a significant time. The NDX is quite old technology and implementation. This was Naim’s first ever streamer. Things have significantly improved since then. The capability is relatively limited, and the internal electronic decoupling is not as good as it is now, so SQ impacts from the media servers, media Codec and Ethernet devices are more than what you would really want.
Sonically however it’s no slouch, if you get the Ethernet decoupling externally sorted, and use a ‘good’ local media server and feed it WAV LPCM. External streaming, like Tidal, doesn’t sound so convincing … unless you use a media proxy server like BubbleUPnPServer or equivalent. An NDX can, given the above limitations act as a good transport workhorse. As a transport these SQ impacts are very much reduced
On a NDX, do check the display, the early NDX displays are starting to fail now, and also check as you have done it has the revised streaming board… only relevant for the very first NDXs. You can’t fully control an NDX without a display.


The NDX is an excellent streamer, yes its been bettered with the new generation, but as your budget won’t stretch to ND5xs2, then go for it.
As Simon says its no slouch sonically, given a good media server (NAS), all ethernet connections & a half way good internet connection, it’s as good as they come.
As mentioned in other posts, the display failing; yes they do seem to have a limited life according to reports, but do as I do & have it set for a short period & it will be OK. I have my 5 year old set for 30 seconds & its as good as new. Don’t see any point in a display other than for setting up the options & as an indicator that its doing whats required. After that, I want it off - same wish for the new streamers colour screen.


Well I just purchased a nice used NDX and am delighted with it - the Naim app has lovely booklets for my ripped CD’s and Tidal has worked flawlessly so far. Sound quality is comparable to my naim CD player from ripped material although Tidal isn’t as good.

Given naim’s legendary reputation for servicing old kit I had no qualms about buying the previous generation machine.

I’ve even dabbled with Roon by running a Google Chromecast audio into it although I’m not convinced by that yet.


I have an NDX is my system since 2014 and love the musicality it offers, only use for NAS and I radio, don’t stream

Its not my mine source so only play about 5% of music through it and I can’t see this changing any time soon, heard the NDX2 which is lovely as are all the new streamers but for me NDX is going no where at the moment, NDX is no slouch on source its more than happy in to my 252

In terms of value for money and for my needs, an NDX is still a good choice.

I have a 2016 NDX connected via the standard DIN cable to a NAC282/HCDR/NAP250 feeding Spendor 2/3 (and occasionally Spendor S3/5R2) speakers. This will soon be enhanced by a Hi-Line. I mainly listen to my own ripped CDs on a Synology NAS, Tidal, internet radio and sometimes Spotify to trial music before buying CDs (or vinyl for another system). I am completely happy with the system as it stands and will probably add a used nDAC and power supply at some time in the near future. I regard this as my ultimate system for “serious” listening. It is in my den/study and I can listen to it at almost any volume whenever I like without disturbing the rest of the household.

Considering their apparent popularity, a used NDX should not be difficult to move on.

Before I bought the NDX, I used a Bluesound Node 2, which is still connected to the 282 via RCA. By simply switching inputs, I can compare the NDX and the Bluesound Node 2. To my ears and in my room, the NDX sounds better than the Bluesound Node 2 in direct comparisons, with the NDX delivering less harshness and reduced sibilance on some ‘edgy recordings’ (e.g. high notes by Jeff Buckley) and generally a more lively presentation (bear in mind that this is entirely subjective and I find it difficult to describe the sound fairly). The NDX and Bluesound Node 2 are both connected to a Cisco 2960 via cheap Cat 5e cables.

In my opinion, the NDX is better in my system, but the Bluesound Node 2 is certainly no slouch.

To be fair, the Bluesound Node 2 just sits on a shelf next to the Naim Fraim stack and uses its own standard power cable and inexpensive Chord RCA interconnects. I intend to try it with a Chord Cobra DIN-to-RCA interconnect and Audioquest NGA Power Cord to feed the Naim system before it is used to feed another system elsewhere in the house. We have other Bluesound devices in the house that are regularly used for casual multi-room listening, e.g. news, music and traffic reports in the morning. The Bluesound app is very easy to use and everyone in our household finds it simple to use.

My Naim system is out of bounds to any family members and visitors.


The NDX is the last/highest Naim streamer with FM on board, if the option was factory-installed — it cannot be retrofitted. Not everyone wants FM; but for those who do, the implementation is very good, and seamless to use via the Naim app. Local stations sound noticeably better over this FM tuner than the iRadio equivalent. The iRadio works well though, too, and brings you the world.


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Agreed. I’m using a Qutest with a modified Sonos. Also a really good coax cable, and power cords etc will help. Also I realize this is a Naim site but the Aurrender streamers sound really great, and have a wonderful interface

I have since a few days a NDX that joined my equipment Olive.
It’s great to enter the world of demat’ with this object, the usability of this streamer is great.
However, I am somewhat surprised and disappointed by the lack of NDX/XPS expression compared to the Olive range.

I am very surprised, I just learned that a first generation XPS is not compatible with the NDX.
There is a risk of overheating regulators! :hot_face:

Its the Olive XPS that can’t power the NDX.

Yes, and despite that worked… I was lucky that there was no damage :hushed:

To be fair the instructions do state quite clearly to use the Classic PSUs only.