Does anyone know if you can change your username on the forum? I should have chosen a more appropriate username when I set up my account!

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I would send a message to Richard Dane, who can surely do this for you.

You’d probably need to query with @Richard.Dane

Probably not possible, but I don’t know for certain. Occasionally people leave the forum for one reason or another and their old usernames are changed to ‘anonymousxxxxx’ with digits at the end, so presumably possible to do something at the system end but that may be all.

If it’s an issue of privacy, perhaps you could ask to anonymise/close the old one then sign-up again with your choice of username.

Yup, I can do that for you, so long as the username you choose is not already taken.

Just flag up this post and message me.

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Thanks to all for their advice. Richard was able to assist. From here on my official moniker id Bobkat!

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What was it before Bobkat - going by the start of this thread the change may have retrospectively changed all your past posts.

A Username change will change the username of all past posts.

Members usually change their username for a reason (often security related) so please don’t post up old usernames unless the member is happy for you to do so. Thanks.

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