Using a SNAXO 362 in bi amp config

I’m new to the forum and am seeking advice about an active set up configuration.

My current system comprises of an 82, 2xHC DR, 250DR, NDX2, XPS2DR, and a pair of Harbeth 30.1 loudspeakers. I also have a pair of MK2 SBLs and an olive 250.

I now have the opportunity to purchase a SNAXO 362 at a reasonably attractive price that has originally been used for an Ovator S-600.

A potential series of silly questions

  • I’ve looked at the SNAXO Manual and noticed that the Ovator series appear to use a slightly different crossover a SNAXO BMR. This looks like it can be also be connected in 2x NAP250 arrangement
  • Is it possible use the SBLs actively by either connecting or converting SNAXO BMR crossover to run the 2x250s I have? Or do I need to purchase either a non Ovator crossover or a proper 242 configured for the SBLs for it to work? My local Naim dealer believes it’s possible, hence the question.
  • If the SNAOX BMR could work can you recommend how you would configure it ie should I use the olive or the 250DR the HF or LF?
  • Will running the SBLs actively running two different era 250s be the right thing to do?

Many thanks

You can’t use either a SNAXO 362 or a BMR SNAXO with SBLs. You need either a SNAXO 2-4 or better, a SNAXO 242.

Long time active user. Richard Dane has, as always, given a clear answer. Little more info.

The Snaxo you are being offered is not a 3-6-2, if for S600 then it is a Snaxo BMR, totally different, you will have to pass.
For SBLs two options already detailed. If you locate one you will also need a hi-cap or supercap power supply and the correct cables. If using two different age NAP250s, then the newer unit, either by build or recent service best used on HF unit.
Word of caution, if this is your first experience, be very careful with the wiring configurations. Getting it wrong can be very costly.

There is no such thing as a silly question.
In the case of active, there is only one way to do it. Thoroughly and properly. Only a few have the experience today and that includes dealers.
Looking at your system, if you don’t already use a Naim fraim, that is almost a prerequisite when introducing active. Active can sound sublime; not done correctly, it will disappoint.
You might also consider upgrading your NAC, before any active consideration.
A 252 + SC DR perhaps?
Demo will be a starting point and easier to audition than active.

Thank you Richard for your response and clarification

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply and clarify the BMR Snaxo 262 question.

Upgrading the 82 is on the list but financially a huge jump, hence considering the active road in the shorter term. The plan was to use one of the HC for the Snaxo and retain the other on the 82.
I will wait for a s/h 242 to become available

Apologies if you have mistyped, but just to be clear there are or in reality “were” since new from the factory are discontinued. Anyway the last Snaxo’s available from the factory were 2-4-2, 3-6-2 and then a Snaxo BMR for Ovator. Other and indeed earlier models were a variation, only on the first two and going back a few decades; BMR Snaxo was only introduced when the Ovator range of speakers was introduced. There is no interchangeability iirc; it requires the correct Snaxo for the intended speaker configuration.
You already have a nice system, I used to own a NAC82. Just check as to when your unit was last serviced. That will make a difference, with the rest of your kit likely more recent. You might keep a look out for a SCap DR, which if you are eventually lucky enough to locate a NAC252 for example, you will need. It will work with the NAC82 although not all of its functionality is fully used. With the emergence of new units from the factory, there will be some good opportunities forthcoming as peps make changes. Find a friendly dealer for peace of mind and a spot of patience may well be rewarded.

Apologies for my typo blunder and thanks for all the additional information.

You make a really good point about servicing. I was blown away by the difference it made the last time around back in 2013. My local dealer thinks I’ll get a couple more years before recapping is required again. He’s also been actively encouraging me to go active for a number of years and thinks my 2x albeit different vintage 250’s represents an economical way in which to upgrade my system.
I’ve never hear active SBLs and unfortunately do not have access to a demo 242. I live in Western Australia so it can be hard to demo anything but the most commonly ordered kit!

I had also considered the NAC 82/SCDR option but had read from other posts on the forum that it made a limited difference for the reasons you have mentioned.

I also agree the new range release may yield opportunities to pick up SH equipment at a decent cost. I’ll keep an eye out for a keenly priced NAC252/SCDR combo.

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In the uk at least, 252 and SCDR are rarely sold together. You can make use of a SC ahead of a 252, but the later will not operate without and iirc only operates with that ps. When you have a chance do a search for the active threads which are on here - somewhere. Your dealers advice just needs to be appreciated slightly in context.
I can only echo what others have observed, setting up active is an art. Placement of the units is important and ideally on a Naim Fraim with space around the snaxo and its ps, preferably a scap. Bear in mind the SBLs are now out of production a long time. See other threads about the Scanspeak units about to (maybe already) be discontinued by the OEM. The seal between the two halves is important and needs checking for completeness. There are spare sets available from one or two uk dealers, but not from the factory. Similarly, search for DBL refurbishment, which describes replacing the foam. I am not knowledgable as to whether the construction was similar, but again if the deadening material in your SBLs is showing its age, going active may just show up such weakness. I’m a great fan of active.

However given you are outside the uk and much of the info about any refurbishment of speakers is uk centric, you may wish to consider ensuring everything with your SBLs is in order before taking the leap to active. With the kit you already have, consider SCDR followed by a NAC252, before Snaxo, to which ideally you should add its own SC. If you were able to audition, it would be another matter, but I don’t think a 252 will disappoint and you can move on unused kit. I hope that helps.

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