Using a turntable with Uniti Atom: looking for advice


I am a happy owner of a Naim Uniti Atom.
Lately I’ve become interested in adding a turntable as source, which I’m sure is possible through the analog audio in tulips on the back. I doubt the audio quality will be better than my streaming sources, but for me it’s more about having something physical: vinyl record, beautiful album art, that appeals to me. But I do wonder if the Atom will allow me to really hear a difference between different types of turntables and elements? Also, which phono pre-amps play nice with the Atom (if that matters at all)?
I would love to hear your experience with hooking up a turntable with the Atom.

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I have a Techy 1200 connected to mine through a Rothwell phono amp. Works fine, no issues at all.
I wouldn’t say it was the last word in quality sound output but its plenty good enough.
Bear in mind that although the inputs are analogue the signal has to go through an ADC because all signal processing in the Atom is digital. This in itself isn’t a problem but it will have an effect over the quality of sound.
Go for it but bear in mind the limitations, just don’t go spending silly amounts of ££ on a turntable.

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A sensible option for the Atom would be the Rega Planar 1 Plus which is inexpensive and has a built in phono stage, works very well by all accounts and you have the option of enhancing with improved cartridges if you want

I’d second that! I use a Planar 1 Plus with the ‘performance pack’ of better cartridge, mat and belt. It really does raise the performance of the deck. I use it with my 272/300 and it doesn’t sound ‘cheap’ at all. In fact, it’s really, really good.

Be careful. Adding a turntable can be the way to Naim madness :woozy_face:. I bough a Rega P6 with ania and fono mc to go with my Atom. This was good but soon left me feeling I could do better so I bought a perfect year old SN2 from Audiobarn at a ridiculously low price. The plan was to use the preamp out of the Atom into the fixed AV input of my SN2 with a view to upgrading to a ND5 SX2 next year. I was now in audio heaven with my vinyl. However, the Atom as a source was lacking. Vinyl was so much more alive and spacious. I have now ordered a new ND5SX2 which I should get next week. This has been an expensive month!!


That’s good to hear I’m going to add a P1 Plus to my Atom.

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