Using BT to control the Unitif Headphone edition


I would like to use BT to control my Uniti via iPhone or iPad, but it doesn’t work without WiIF, is this normal or have I missed something?


Ideally, the Uniti would be connected via Ethernet, controlled from my iPhone and iPad via Bluetooth. I have the impression that without WiFi this is not possible.

You can play to it via Bluetooth input, but you can’t control it without the Naim app which works over WiFi.

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I’m trying to pilot the Uniti via the Naim iOS app in BT, without WiFi the app doesn’t see the Uniti.

The Naim app communicates with the streamer using WiFi, not Bluetooth. They need to be connected to the same network in order for this to work.

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That’s what I feared, so what is the interest of the BT?

Bluetooth is simply a method of sending music from an app on your phone to the streamer. The phone still needs a network connection in order to function, so there is really no need to use Bluetooth in most cases.

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