Using Dac V1 as a Pre amp

I currently use my digital server (Source) USB into my Dac V1 then into my Nac 72/Hi Cap into my 135’s.

I have two questions.

  1. If I use my Dac V1 as my pre amp how would I wire the output from the Dac V1 to my Hi Cap/135’s.

  2. I have been told conflicting information about the Dac V1 in the past by Naim tech (NOT Richard). One said that using the fixed output on the Dac V1 bi passes the Pre amp stage and just utilises the Dac part and another Naim tech said that even when using the fixed output part the signal is still going through the Pre amp stage. Which is it?

Obviously if it’s the later then I’m going through the Dac V1 Pre amp then through my Nac 72 Pre amp which is obviously not the best solution even if it still sounds good.

I do not have the exact answer to your query but I find the DAC-V1 to sound better in fixed output mode. You should be able to hear the difference with your setup. It has been a long time since I had the 72/HC but my guess is that it is the higher performer as a pre- so I would keep fixed out into the 72.
The DAC-V1 fixed out is pretty good. If you have a clean USB input it will give you a clean output.


The answer to 1 is that you’d need a 4 pin din to two XLR lead made up. You wouldn’t use the Hicap in any way.

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My experience of putting a 72 in between a V1 and 140 was that it represented a dramatic improvement


Out of curiosity, why would you want to front 135s with a naked V1?

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The Dac V1 is a bridge between my modern digital server and my old Naim Olive system. It’s acting as a Dac between my server and the rest of the system. My server has USB out so need something that will work as a USB bridge.

I use a DAC-V1 between a mac mini and a NAP140 for the office music streaming system.
It has been an absolute joy since day 1.

When subsequently looking to start streaming in the main system, the DAC-V1 was pressed into service as a fixed output dac, feeding the NAC52 to prove out the new server and network connections. It did its job well but the main system highlighted the limitations of the DAC-V1.

So it’s wonderful with something like a NAP100 or NAP140 and a small pair of speakers but perhaps not ideal in a higher end classic Naim system.

Hope this helps, BF


Here is the setup I use with the DAC-V1. Most of the tweaks are from the audiophilestyle site. It is rather modest in hi-fi costs but not in performance! I am sure it is not ‘maxed out’ yet in SQ in terms of more tweaking for a cleaner USB input.


Here is my setup using DAC-V1 as a pre-amp:

Audiostore (Vortexbox) Music Server => {ethernet} => Sonore microRendu/CIAudio PSU => Uptone USPCB A to B => DAC-V1 => NAP200 => PMC GB1i.

Works a treat.



Hi, the fixed output is the variable output just set at a fixed value and the volume control defeated (unless you plug in headphones then the volume control becomes temporarily functional).


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