Using N272 as preamp for NDX 2

I’ve been reading posts with interest for some time and would like to hear thoughts on this. I’m running a 555ps/N272/250DR at the moment but have the chance to get a NDX2 for a good price. Due to finances I would need to wait on a new pre so was thinking of using the 272 as a pre into the 250. Anyone had experience of similar? and if this was viable which would you use the 555ps with?

If you have a good price offer for the Ndx2, I would say go for it.
Don’t know which combo would sound best: Ndx2/ 272/555ps or Ndx2/ 555ps/272.
In all cases it will be a great uplift vs 272/555/250.
I have not read here someone having that combo ( Ndx2/272).

You may want to have a look at this:

Good point Chrissu. Have not remembered that.

Thanks I hadn’t seen this, will be interested to see outcome

I had a 272/XPSDR/25PDR and put an NDX2 in. I found I got the best results by moving the XPS onto the NDX2. Since then I’ve moved to a 282.


Well NDX2 Super Lumina din to din and Powerline arrived yesterday and have been installed and now warming up, first comparison appears to be much more depth and definition with 555DR attached to NDX2 and not 272 but many more hours of A/B comparison required during lockdown before arriving at a definitive conclusion to my ears!

I can’t help wonder how System Automation might work this setup? Can the NDX2 switch the 272 inputs?

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