Using Naim Nait 2CB EU version 220V in 230V network

In the area where I reside, the power network voltage is specified as 230V (typically measured around 237V). Do you perceive any potential issues with using the Naim Nait 2 CB (rated at 220V on the label) within this network? Could there be any effects on sound quality or the longevity of components if the amplifier operates within this higher voltage range?

I doubt it, not least because - as far as I know - Naim didn’t make a special version of the NAIT 2 for that higher voltage. But an e-mail to Customer Service at Salisbury will get you a definitive answer.

There were at least two versions as at that time the voltage was not standardized in EU:

  1. for UK market with 240V trafo

  2. for EU markets with 220V trafo

Clearly marked differently. But… are the transformers actually different…?


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I can’t recall, but I’m sure @NeilS may well know, or can enquire with the Oracle at HQ…


I know in the past there were Naim units marked as 100V, for sale in Japan. I did see some, when I lived there - but they were not common - and were expensive.

I guess they did have a different transformer…?

Yes, those were a very specific transformer for 100V.

The 100V, 220V, 230V & 240V were all different transformers.
Using a 220V transformer on a 230V supply will create a small increase in the secondary winding voltage, but the filter cap ratings have enough headroom, so it will be fine.


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