Using roon against qobuz directly

Hi all

Today i decided to load roon on my mac air and give it a try. I managed to load it fine and link my qobuz account to it, but not my melco for now for some reason.
Anyway my reason for this is, using qobuz running through roon doesn’t sound as good as running qobuz directly to my rossini through the melco. Its quite a bit different, sounds flat, boring and just closed in by comparison.
Not sure if i am doing it right or if its because i am using a mac pc rather than say a roon nucleus. But definitely using the same track.
I am hoping i have something wrong as if not then no way willi be using roon going forward and as many do i can’t believe they would do if losing quality like i am experiencing.

If anyone has any suggestions or things for me to check, then please let me know.
Cheers dunc

How are connecting to the Rossini? Network or via USB? Show your signal path you can do this by clicking on now playing screen when it’s playing and click on the coloured dot to the left of the controls. It should be purple if lossless, blue if it’s enhanced (dsp active , upsampling etc), green for high quality downsampling or out to Bluetooth), yellow for lossy (mp3,aac or any other compressed file formats.

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Thanks will try later as out for Sunday lunch right now.
But cheers for the help

Nothing in common with your question, apart maybe improve your existing Rossini/ Clock. I read the recent Steve Huff review on the Lina master clock for the DCS Lina.
Steve found that a noticeable improvement can be done with an expensive clock cable , instead of the generic one.
He enjoyed the Shunyata omega 75 clock cable.

I dont use the standard clock cables and never had dCS themselves say that the standard cables that they are come with are more just to get it working rather than the quality you should be using and as so pick the ones best suits you.

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Just looked and its being modulated into a 1 bit stream, dsd128. Light is blue.
Lap top is wireless right now running the core.
Everything else is ethernet connected

Can you post a screen grab. Also how are connecting using the Roon Ready status of the Rossini over network or via another means?

Over net work

Given up for now, plus it looks like i need to use the usb out of the melco to my rossini to get that to work.
Not sure its worth it all for me, but have 14 days to decided
Don’t want to start messing about, just wanted a plug and play.
Certainly don’t want to have to have my lap top on all the time, so that means a nuc/rock or nucleus, plus extra subscription.

My findings into an Innuos/Chord system pretty much agree with your first post, the sound quality on ‘my’ system with Qobuz is better when not via Roon. I have Roon account and have previously used it but for sound quality reasons I don’t anymore.

Why give up, you seem to have enabled DSP resampling some how, it’s not easy to add it so you must have been mucking with settings. Click on the zone your using and select DSP and turn it off then see how it is.

Given up tonight as said i have the 14 day free trial

Also check you enabled the correct zone a screen grab of signal path will help see if you also set anything else up wrong.

But did try a few things sound wise and it didn’t get close to what i was using before going roon.

It could just be the pc in the mix as i said, but if i can’t improve what it is like now and get it close then i am certainly not going to be buying a nuc, etc to see if it’s better, will just keep as i am.

@RipVanRadio has Nd555 and Melco N10. He uses Roon, but he has the Nucleus too.

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I quote @RipVanRadio from the Melco N10 thread:

“ Roon Core is on a Qnap NAS, connected to a netgear switch. N10 has two Ethernet ports. One connected to the switch, and the other dedicated to the ND555. Subject to correction by those here who know better, I imagine that the Roon App on IPad tells the Core what I want to hear. Core communicates that via the switch to N10, which passes the data to the ND555.
I do not use any of the ‘sound altering’ features of Roon.”

Been on the roon forum, also the melco page. It all looks like i have got it configured correctly.
It also seems like its a 50/ 50 split between them that like how roon sounds and others that dont and then some that can’t hear any difference.
It also looks like the built in streamer in the dCS is hard to beat as its very, very quiet and works well and the pc i am using is probably injecting noise and effecting the quality.
What ever it is the sound quality is worse and it looks like a roon only nuc is the only way to go to see if it can match the rossini.
Thinking about investing in a nuc, etc, just to see if it can match the rossini, when others that have tried and still said it don’t, isn’t something i wish to do right now.
So for now atleast my roon trial is over and already cancelled my free trial as i just know i will forget and then get charged for the full year.

Cheers dunc

It will certainly be compromised if you are resampling PCM to DSD. It’ll be running the arse off your laptop too. :hot_face:

Roon was not doing any upsampling, just streaming as the rossini did all that and obviously wanted to keep things the same.
For me roon wasn’t worth it, sound quality not as good, plus it costs much more than Qobuz.
But others like it and use it.

This isn’t what you said here though. :thinking: